Single USB interface for PROFIBUS PA, HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus

Commissioning & maintenance interface with integrated power supply for field devices

mobiLink Power enables a direct connection to the field device without it having to be located within a functioning bus infrastructure. The integrated power supply eliminates the need for additional components such as external power supply and terminating resistors for commissioning and maintenance of the field devices.

Similar Solution

mobiLink: Bluetooth & USB Interface for HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA suited for harsh environments.


Single interface for the major Process Automation protocols

  • HART Master, Foundation Fieldbus Host and PROFIBUS PA Master included in one device
  • Parametrization and configuration of field devices
  • Diagnostics and condition monitoring

Provides the power supply for the field devices

  • Eliminates the need for an additional power supply and power conditioner for workbench applications

Support of FDI, FDT frame applications and major engineering tools

  • Compatible with Emersons instrument inspector with the FDI communication server
  • PACTware FDT frame application and HART communication DTM included
  • Communication DTM for Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA (optional)
  • Foundation Fieldbus configuration tool (optional)
  • Application Program Interface for integration into engineering systems

Unlimited flexibility in use

  • mobilink Power draws power from the connected computer via USB

Order Information

Scope of Delivery 
HardwaremobiLink Power, USB cable, fieldbus cable set with clips
SoftwaremobiLink Manager, PACTware, Communication DTM for HART, Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA
(for Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA optional license required)
Foundation Fieldbus Configuration Tool ComConf (optional license required)
DocumentationUser Guide, Quick Start Guide
Order Numbers 
DUA-KM-020440mobiLink Power for HART applications, including accessories
LRA-KK-021973linkPlus FF – License to activate Foundation Fieldbus
LRA-LL-021974linkPlus PA – License to activate PROFIBUS PA
LRA-KK-020721Licence for FF Configuration Tool ComConf
Additional products and services 
LRA-MM-020671DevCom2000 HART – Windows application for HART device communication
LRA-KK-020672DevComFF.Droid – Android application for FF device communication
LRA-KK-020673DevComFF.Win – Windows application for FF device communication

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