Fieldbus Kit FBK-2

Fast Implementation of Foundation™ Fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA in your HART and Modbus Field Devices

If your transmitter currently communicates via serial HART or Modbus RTU, now you can offer Foundation Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA with Softing's ready-to-use, pre-engineered hardware board without the need for custom hardware engineering and development.  Softing's FBK-2 piggy-backs on your main device board and maps your serial HART and Modbus RTU values to Foundation Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA  -- no hardware development, comes with protocol stack, and comes with most Functions Blocks.

Not recommended for new desings! Successor: commModule MBP


Fast Implementation

  • FBK-2 is a pre-engineered hardware solution for OEMs that helps you convert your serial HART or Modbus RTU transmitter, field device, or instrument to a Foundation Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA device
  • Pre-engineered, ready-to-use circuit board eliminates hardware engineering when you are ready to offer Foundation Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA in your field device
  • Proven hardware used in thousands of field devices
  • Fully tested protocol stack
  • Even includes custom interface when your device is not serial HART or Modbus RTU

Cost Reduction by Universal Piggy-back Solution

  • Small footprint for use inside most transmitters and field devices 
  • Ready-to-use circuit board allows you to avoid expensive new engineering and development when you are ready to offer Foundation Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA in your field device
  • Piggybacks to your main circuit board
  • Several versions available: standard version, coated version, version with solder connection and Ex version for use in explosive environments

Investment Protection Ensured by Continuous Product Development

  • Meets Foundation Fieldbus H1 requirements for Physical Layer Test and Conformance Test as well as PROFIBUS PA specifications
  • Main certification prerequisites covered
  • Development of Foundation Fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA devices using same FBK-2 platform

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
Hardware Fieldbus Kit FBK-2
Documentation Hardware Description
Certificates Physical Layer Test Certificate, Conformance Test Certificate, ATEX Certificate, FM Certificates, IECex Certificate
Order Numbers  
EAA-KS-021200 Fieldbus Kit FBK-2, Standard Version
ECA-KS-021201 Fieldbus Kit FBK-2, Standard Version, Conformal Coated
EIA-KS-021202 Fieldbus Kit FBK-2, Standard Version with Ex Certification, Potted
Additional Products and Services
EVA-MK-020210 FBK-2 Evaluation Kit Foundation Fieldbus H1
EVA-ML-020211 FBK-2 Evaluation Kit PROFIBUS PA

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