Hardware Platform for implementing FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 (FF) and PROFIBUS PA instruments

Fast Implementation of FF and PROFIBUS PA Field Devices

commModule MBP is designed for a fast and cost-effective fieldbus implementation in process field devices. A single hardware platform allows implementing FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 (FF) and PROFIBUS PA instruments. The small footprint as well as the universal hardware are the main arguments in favor of commModule MBP. Easy integration into HART and Modbus devices by script-controlled mapping to HART or Modbus commands using commScripter tool.


Fast Implementation

  • Fast implementation path to FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA instruments
  • Fully tested protocol stack, proven in ten thousands of field devices
  • Only hardware integration to be implemented
  • Script-controlled mapping of fieldbus function block application to device specific HART or Modbus commands, no need for C programming (using commScripter tool)

Cost Reduction by Universal Piggyback Solution

  • Small footprint for use in majority of process equipment
  • No expensive development of fieldbus hardware
  • No stack porting, no application programming
  • Components placed on one side only, automatic assembly on motherboard possible
  • Potted and non-potted version for optimized ex design
  • ATEX and IECEx approval for use in explosive environments
  • Stack license included, FF or PA functionality selected by hardware pin

Smart way to upgrade HART and Modbus Devices for Fieldbus and PROFIBUS

  • Script-controlled mapping of fieldbus function block application to device specific HART or Modbus commands
  • No need for C programming
  • commScripter tool checks script and creates mapping table
  • Off-the-shelf commModules are customized by downloading mapping table

Order Information

Scope of Delivery 
HardwarePackaging Unit: 90 pieces in tray (sealed dry pack)
FirmwareFF and PA device stack plus commKit mapping application flashed on board
DocumentationHardware Manual
Order Numbers 
EIA-KS-022200commModule MBP potted, 90 pieces in tray
EIA-KS-022220commModule MBP non-potted, 90 pieces in tray
EIA-KS-022400commModule MBP potted, 5 samples in tray, potted
EIA-KS-022420commModule MBP non-potted, 5 samples in tray
Additional Products and Services
EVA-MK-022210commModule Evaluation Kit (commModule MBP in housing with connectors)
DXA-KL-020620Renesas E1 Flasher
LDA-KM-022451commScripter Single Seat Developer License FF to HART
LDA-LM-022452commScripter Single Seat Developer License PA to HART
LDA-KS-022453commScripter Single Seat Developer License FF to Modbus
LDA-LS-022454commScripter Single Seat Developer License PA to Modbus
HUA-AA-001012USB Hardlock for commScripter Licenses
SIA-KS-022470commScripter Workshop (per day)
SIA-KL-020100Integration Support (per hour)

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