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    The advancement of digitalization and the growing demand for industry 4.0 represent a comprehensive change in automation. The key to cope is digital communication, which enables machine data exchange and integration of automation in higher IT level systems.

    Here is our range of solutions for industrial communication and digitalization of production.



for control, plant asset management, and configuration tasks  in industrial communication.


OPC & OPC UA Software Platform

OPC communication, cloud connectivity and IT/OT integration


Docker Container

Software modules for connection to industrial IoT applications


USB and Bluetooth Modems

for commissioning, device parameterization, PLC programming and data acquisition.


Ethernet-APL Switches

Transparent connection of Ethernet-APL field devices to higher-level Industrial Ethernet networks


Network Management Tools

for monitoring and managing industrial networks for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP.


Network Testers and Analyzers

for mobile and stationary diagnostics, commissioning, acceptance testing and troubleshooting.



Fast and easy integration OPC UA Servers with Client/Server- & Publisher/Subscriber communication


PC Interface Cards

for connecting PC´s with fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks.


Embedded Modules

for embedding fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet technologies in systems and devices for manufacturing and process automation


Protocol Software

for customer-specific requirements for embedding fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet technologies in process automation systems and devices.


Rockwell Module (eATM)

Modules for Rockwell Automation controller platforms for IoT integration with supporting data preprocessing


Fiber Optic Media Converters

true plug-and-play I/O switches on redundant networks, impervious to security vulnerabilities


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