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    Together with specialized platform and tool providers, we enable you to exploit operational data as a basis for improving processes and products.

Cedalo GmbH is a leading MQTT solutions innovator and has established itself as a reliable partner for the global IoT community. The company aims to help organizations implement their optimal data infrastructure and IoT architecture and, in this way, create the digital backbone for their business. To ensure that businesses are utilizing the full potential of MQTT, Cedalo offers a range of dedicated products, including the industrial-grade version of the well-known open-source broker, Mosquitto. Softing Industrial’s machine connectivity products seamlessly integrate with Cedalo’s MQTT broker offering, enabling customers to create high-quality and open industrial edge solutions.

FLECS Technologies is a start-up company offering the flexible software platform FLECS. FLECS reduces the complexity of creating and managing an innovative automation solution to a minimum. Merging traditional PLC functionality with innovative IoT components, the platform integrates SoftPLCs, visualization, AI/ML applications, database functionality, cloud connectivity, and more. Based on open architecture, the FLECS platform runs on standard hardware or as virtual machine. Softing edgeConnector products integrate process- and machine data into the FLECS platform and are made available via the FLECS marketplace.

As a monitoring company, together with their customers, Paessler contributes to reducing the consumption of resources by humankind. The partnership with Softing Industrial Automation was created to jointly tackle the monitoring challenges in a constantly changing world. Softing Gateways make process and machine data from controllers, CNC machines and other devices available for monitoring applications with Paessler PRTG.

With its low-code platform for creating industrial applications, Peakboard GmbH assists production and logistics companies in monitoring their internal processes and managing their own systems interactively. The solution can gather process data from all common data sources, including SAP, machine controls, material flow controls, and Excel. It can then evaluate and display this data on screens in real-time. This approach enables easy identification of sources of errors, thereby increasing productivity. Softing’s connectivity products simplify the integration of controller- and machine data into Peakboard solutions and broaden the range of applications.

Portainer is an open-source management toolset that allows users in IT to deploy, manage, and monitor containerized software applications. As a flexible and easy-to-use platform, Portainer supports full-blown automation systems for application deployment as well as manual procedures for single containers. Portainer is available in two editions, the open-source Portainer Community Edition, and the commercial Portainer Business Edition. Softing Industrial is a value-added reseller of the Business Edition. Portainer Business enables customers to manage Softing's containerized connectivity products on edge level in Industrial IoT solutions.

Siemens is a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare. From more resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains, and smarter buildings and grids, to cleaner and more comfortable transportation as well as advanced healthcare, Siemens creates technology with purpose adding real value for customers. As a partner for the Siemens Industrial Edge Ecosystem, Softing Industrial Automation supports the purpose with its edgePlug product family, making it one of the first 3rd-party product providers on the associated Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace.

The  WAGO  Group  is  an  international,  family-owned  company  that  offers  both  market-leading  products  for electrical  interconnection  technology  and  an  open  automation  platform  recognized  across  all  industries. Automation users of WAGO profit from the freedom of being able to implement automation and IT tasks on an open platform while having access to a nearly boundless range of input and output modules. As Wago IoT Partner, Softing provides software products for machine connectivity which can be deployed on Wago devices. End customers benefit from seamless communication with third-party components in their IoT solution.


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