PROFINET Device (Slave) for Intel FPGA

Integration of PROFINET RT & IRT into Field Devices using Intel (Altera) FPGA

IP Core and software have been designed to implement a PROFINET communication based on hardware supporting an Ethernet interface and an Altera FPGA. This solution provides uniform interfaces for future support of additional Industrial Ethernet protocols.


Easy and Inexpensive Development of PROFINET Field Devices Using Altera FPGAs

  • Ready-to-integrate PROFINET Qsys system
  • Maximum flexibility to meet customer requirements
  • Future versions can easily be integrated

One API For Quick Integration

  • Simple Device Application Interface (SDAI) designed as efficient protocol abstraction layer to use different protocols with same application
  • PROFINET RT/IRT, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK and Modbus TCP using the same API
  • Single and dual processor systems supported

Improved Performance

  • Minimum I/O data delay between physical layer and application
  • Process data processed by DMA logic
  • Guide to efficient application programming included

Standard IT Support in Parallel with IndustrialEthernet

  • Direct forwarding of IT Packets to application
  • No need to change existing IT structure
  • Socket interface for simple integration

Technical Data

Tested and Described IP Core Configurations

- Switch IP Core with 2 external ports and 1 internal port
- 1 Nios II IP core for processing the protocol
- DPRAM interface to application processor (FPGA Internal or External)

Switch Clock 125 MHz
Functionality - PROFINET Device According Specification V2.3, Conformance Class B
- Media Redundancy Client
- Multicast Provider and Subscriber
Shared Devices
(Supported Number of PROFINET Controllers for Simultaneous Communication)
Yes (2)
Number of Connections per PROFINET Controller 2
Maximum Size of I/O Data Per Communciation Relationship 1.024 Bytes
Support of Profiles Yes
Operating System eCos V3.0
API Simple Device Application Interface
Requirements and Supported Quantity Structures See PROFINET RT
Functionality - PROFINET Device According Specification V2.3, Conformance Class C
- PTCP, Relative Forwarder, Fast Forwarding, cycle time down to 250 μs, legacy support for Siemens drive products (already available)
- Dynamic Frame Packing, Media Redundancy for Planned Duplication (MRPD), cycle time < 250 μs (in preparation)

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
Qsys Component Downloadable from Softing website
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