Implementing Communication Solutions in Process Automation

 Since its very beginning Softing has been a leading player for all types of digital communication issues in the process automation world. The Softing engineers have implemented all types of field device and host stacks for the fieldbuses Foundation™ fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA and HART, which today are used in the majority of devices available in the market.

Based on the Softing process automation products Softing engineers perform customer-specific fieldbus communication projects, resulting in the fast and high-quality implementation of fieldbus technology within individual target platforms. This approach especially does not require the customer’s development team to establish any in-depth fieldbus technology know-how, allowing to focus on its key competencies. Also, for all types of certification issues Softing customers can benefit from the available fieldbus know-how.

Softing has been the first company having successfully passed the Foundation Certified Solution Provider (FCSP) program. This certificate proofs Softing’s deep knowledge and experience with the Foundation fieldbus technology, resulting in effective fieldbus implementations and a short time-to-market. As a result, Softing also has been chosen as preferred partner for developing tools provided by the FieldComm Group.

Fieldbus Implementation Based on Communication Module

As the Softing communication module product already provides the complete hardware and firmware required for implementing process automation fieldbus communication capabilities, the overall development only requires minor effort, especially focusing on the implementation of the data exchange between the target device and the communication module. In the past, the Softing engineers have already successfully implemented the communication module approach for a large number of customers.  The communication module supports both, the implementation of field devices as well as of host systems.

Rapid Fieldbus Integration

Based on the communication module Softing also provides a way to implement fieldbus communication capabilities by pure integration. Here, the communication functionality is implemented just by configuring pre-defined firmware components, rather than by an individual development. As a result, the fieldbus integration can be performed with minimal effort, also by the customers themselves. If necessary, an appropriate support is provided by Softing engineers.

Individual Fieldbus Implementations

Based on the available protocol stacks the Softing engineering team implements fieldbus field device and host communication capabilities based on a customer-specific hardware platform. Typically, the stacks can be ported to run on any processor and real-time operating system providing the required performance. This approach provides a maximum amount of communication flexibility to customer devices.

In addition, also additional communication tools can be implemented for Softing customers. For instance, this is true for individual configuration capabilities.


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