• Data integration for IIoT & Industry 4.0

    Based on production data, IIoT and Industry 4.0 applica-tions provide approaches for optimizing systems and processes.
    In this training course, you will learn about different options for integrating production data and how to set up the respective integration interfaces correctly.


Increasing digitalization and a growing demand for IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions represent the transformation that industrial automation is currently undergoing.

Analyzing and comparing production data increases the availability and efficiency of machines and systems and reduces the consumption of energy and natural resources - both objectives of Industry 4.0.

The key to implementation is provided by open, digital standards for industrial communication which, in addition to data exchange between machines, also enable integration into the higher-level IT level, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

OPC UA is officially recommended as an IIOT communication standard within the Reference Architecture Model Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0). In addition, MQTT in particular is used in many IoT and industrial IoT applications!

The 2-day training course outlined below gives you a comprehensive introduction to the digital communication technologies relevant for IIOT and Industry 4.0. In addition, we provide you with valuable knowledge and practical skills for the simple and fast implementation of the production data interface for Industry 4.0 and IIoT use cases that is right for you.

What you can expect during training

  • 2-day, practice-oriented application training course
  • Concentrated introduction to basic technologies of industrial data integration
  • Technical possibility for the efficient handling of larger systems or
  • systems or data volumes (aggregation)
  • Different approaches for the integration of production data in IT applications
  • Practical implementation and configuration of different interfaces
  • Typical errors in the implementation of data interfaces

After this training

  • you know the relevant communication technologies for the realization of gateways for the integration of production data in IT applications with IIoT or Industry 4.0 ob-jectives
  • you know three different concepts to realize the data integration of machine data
  • know how to activate and use the security mechanisms of OPC UA
  • you can set up OPC UA connections set up a common address space for different data sources
  • different data sources and set them up for targeted use
  • you can set up and configure the cloud connection of a data interface
  • you know how to set up the interfaces to different database applications
  • know the typical causes of errors when integrating production data and how to avoid or rectify them


  • Basic technologies
    • OPC UA
      • Data model
      • Transport mechanisms
      • Security concept
    • MQTT, REST, Cloud
      • MQTT: basics, communication principles and security
      • REST: basics, architectural principles and security
      • Application scenarios for secure IoT cloud communication (data storage, big data, small data)
  • OPC UA data aggregation
    • Interface abstraction
    • Address space management
    • Security Supervision
    • Certificates (user)
    • Address space and IP filters
  • OPC UA and IoT applications in practice (extensive practical exercises)
    • Commissioning and configuration of
    • OPC servers and OPC clients
    • Data acquisition from different controllers
    • (SIMATIC S7-300/400, SIMATIC S7-1500, Modbus PLC, ...)
    • Realization of secure OPC UA connections
    • (handling of certificates)
    • Configuration of a secure integration server (filtering)
    • Configuration of MQTT and REST connections for cloud applications
    • Process data archiving in databases or Recipe management, reading process data from the database and writing it to the controller
  • Troubleshooting
Industrie 4.0

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We have been a member of the OPC Foundation since it was founded in 1995. Our experts have played a decisive role in shaping the OPC and OPC UA technologies through active collaboration! Softing's SDK code has served as a reference for the organization and its OPC UA .Net standard stack has long been maintained by Softing developers.

Recognizing its future relevance, we invested in our expertise in MQTT, RESTful support and the containerization of SW solutions.

This mix of expertise forms the foundation of our training courses on IIoT and Industry 4.0 connectivity!


Our technology and our products have always enabled digital data access for MES, SCADA or asset management software. The "Internetization" has expanded this core task with additional options in terms of architecture, use case and technology, especially from the IT side!

This means that all trainers can draw on the wealth of practical application experience at the interface between OT and IT that our history as a technology and product supplier offers for the integration of production data into higher-level systems!

This systemic practical knowledge is supplemented by personal experience from projects, FATs or POCs. This is because each of our trainers also works as an FAE or supporter. In doing so, they fulfill alternating surroundings the role of consultant, operator or troubleshooter!


As with all our training courses, our training courses on digitalization, IIoT and Industry 4.0 are based on a balanced mix of necessary theory, concrete practical knowledge and plenty of hands-on experience!

In particular, the realistic, practical exercises ensure that theoretical knowledge and practical reports are "translated" into concrete planning and action.

In this way, every participant, regardless of whether from OT or IT, learns to apply the training content as required in order to achieve the intended success - for the benefit of their company!

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As an international product leader for the realization and improvement of technical data and information exchange processes, we deliver high-quality products that inspire our customers with their superior functionality and ease of use.

Our training courses follow this high standard and are designed to provide you with the greatest possible benefit!

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