Network Diagnostics

Reliable and robust communication networks are essential to make production data flow. That’s why we define network diagnostics as a recurring task across the entire plant lifecycle.

Reliable and Robust Data Exchange

A high-quality installation and commissioning documented through acceptance test reports form the basis for a powerful network. Permanent monitoring during operation detects quality deviation and indicates the need for maintenance prior to an actual failure. Hence, the required work can be executed during scheduled shut-downs. Troubleshooting tools are used to fix unpredictable failures.

Why should you choose Softing as a partner for network diagnostics?

Long-standing experience:

For more than 30 years, we have been a world leading expert for digital data exchange in industrial automation. We know the daily challenges you face as maintenance staff!

Comprehensive offer and superior quality:

We have designed functionally superior and easy to use mobile tools for commissioning, acceptance testing and troubleshooting as well as stationary solutions for network monitoring and maintenance, specifically for PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Today, our solutions for network diagnostics serve the needs of thousands of industrial customers across the world.


Cable Testing | Network Commissioning

Laying the foundation for robust data exchange.


Network Monitoring and Management

Ensuring condition-based maintenance and avoiding network failures.


Troubleshooting and Fault Detection

Minimizing unforeseeable network breakdowns.


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