FPGA Based Integration Kit Supporting PROFINET Controller Functionality

The RTEM-C-PN is an integration kit ready to implement PROFINET Controller functionality. It is based on FPGA technology and supports two external Ethernet ports as well as Dual Port memory for integration. Besides Industrial Ethernet data standard IT information can also be exchanged.

  • Investment Protection Through FPGA Technology
  • Short Time-To-Market Through Simple Integration
  • Integration into Existing IT Environment


Investment Protection through FPGA Technology

The RTEM-C-PN integration kit is based on the PROFINET Controller stack and the switch IP core developed by Softing Industrial Automation. The IP core is integrated into an FPGA and the stack has been ported to this environment. This approach provides maximum flexibility to adapt the solution both to changes in specification and customer requirements. It is also possible to further enhance features by migrating to a larger Dual Port RAM memory. Upon request, Softing’s experienced team of engineers can customize the RTEM-C-PN module according to customer specification, including the supported operation temperature and form factor.

Short Time to Market through Simple Integration

The RTEM-C-PN product comes as a standalone, ready to use integration kit. It provides two external Ethernet ports allowing to support all specified PROFINET topologies. The easy integration into an existing device is performed using a lean application programming interface (API) and a Dual-Port RAM memory. The application related part of the API can be ported to various operating systems. In addition, a configuration tool is available, which allows to define all individual PROFINET communication features.

Integration into Existing IT Environment

The seamless integration into existing IT infrastructure is one of the advantages that can be gained using Industrial Ethernet. To support this functionality the RTEM-C-PN module provides a transparent IT channel, which allows to send and receive standard and proprietary IT traffic through the Ethernet ports. The application can access this data through a socket interface that is part of the Dual Port RAM memory. Standard IT Ethernet traffic does not influence the performance of the PROFINET protocol.

Order Information

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Hardware FPGA RTEM CIII, V1.10, Switch IP Core
Software PROFINET Controller Stack, V1.80
Documentation Hardware User Manual
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