• Industrial Embedded Modules

    Embedded modules enable field devices to access various protocols, physical layers & APIs. Our solutions eliminate the expensive development of hardware & are easy to integrate into field devices. They minimize the time-to-market the products & cut down the development costs.



Industrial Embedded Module | commKit

Fast and easy integration of FOUNDATION fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA into HART or Modbus field devices


commModule MBP

Industrial Embedded Module | commModule MBP

Fieldbus Communication Module for Process Automation devices



Industrial Embedded Module | UFC100-L2

Universal fieldbus ASIC for PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION fieldbus H1


FOUNDATION fieldbus Mobile Host

Industrial Embedded Module | FOUNDATION fieldbus Mobile Host

Single channel FOUNDATION fieldbus H1-protocol software for mobile host applications



Industrial Embedded Module | FBK-2

Universal Communication Module for integrating FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA



Industrial Embedded Module | RTEM-C-PN

Communication Module for implementing PROFINET controller functionality


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