Smart device communicator for HART or Foundation Fieldbus field devices

Fast and easy configuration and parameterization of HART or Foundation fieldbus field devices

DevCom, is a smart device communicator application which performs complete HART and FF device configurations. The DevCom uses the registered HART DD files from the FieldComm Group for complete access to all features of the device including methods.

With the new DevComFF.Win windows application, complete Foundation Fieldbus (FF) device configurations can be configured from your Windows desktop, laptop or tablet PC.


Perform complete HART or FF device configurations

  • Supports HART 7 and HART-IP
  • Monitor PV, Multi-variables, and Device Status
  • View and edit device Variables
  • No tag limits

The most affordable DD based mobile HART / FF communication solution available

  • Comes with all the latest registered DD’s from the FieldComm Group
  • Complete access to all features of the device DD including Methods
  • Complies with new Enhanced DDL standard (IEC 61804-3)
  • Additional DD library updates available (one-year updates included)
  • Permanent DD library update is possible

Save and write saved configurations

  • Save configurations
  • Write saved configurations to device
  • Clone devices
  • Generates PDF report for documentation
  • Access to the cloud functions of the devcom apps for managing HART device configurations with the ProComsol Cloud license

Available for Android, Windows and iOS

  • Guaranteed to work with Windows 7 and 10 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Available for Android: DevComDroid (HART)
  • Available for Windows: DevCom2000 (HART), DevComFF.Win (FF)
  • Available for iOS: DevCom.iOS (HART)

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Order Numbers  
LRA-MM-020670 DevComDroid HART - Android application for HART device communication
LRA-MM-020671 DevCom2000 HART - Windows application for HART device communication
LRA-KK-020673 DevComFF.Win - Windows application for FF device communication
LRA-KK-020672 DevComFF.Droid – Android application for FF device communication
LRA-MM-020672 DevCom.iOS HART - iOS application for HART device communication
LMA-MM-020680 One-year updates of HART DD library
LMA-MM-020675 Updates of HART DD library without expiration
Additional products and services  
DBA-KM-020410 mobiLink for HART - HART USB and Bluetooth interface for DevCom
DUA-KM-020440 mobiLink Power - USB interface for DevCom2000 HART and DevComFF.Win with integrated power supply for field devices

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