PROFIBUS PA Field Device Protocol Software

Portable PROFIBUS PA Protocol Software for Field Devices  

Softing’s PROFIBUS PA field device protocol software is optimized with respect to size, performance, and portability to support customer-specific hardware platforms. It is especially targeted to 16 Bit low-power microcontrollers and includes the complete range of protocol features for implementing conformant PROFIBUS PA field devices.

Quick Adaptation to Customer-Specific Hardware Platforms

  • Complete, software-based solution
  • Especially addressing deployment in typical process automation field devices
  • Implementation optimized to run on 16 and 32 Bit low-power microcontrollers as typically used in explosive environments
  • Facilitated usage in a wide range of microcontroller, memory, and operating system environments, as often found in field devices
  • Adaptable to device-specific requirements
  • Enabling usage on customer-specific target platforms

Full Set of Functionality

  • Implementation according to the PROFIBUS specification
  • Containing Function Blocks defined by the PROFIBUS PA profile in the PROFIBUS specification
  • Modular design allowing individual selection of functionality supported by individual field device

Support of General Fieldbus ASICs

  • Implementation supporting not only PROFIBUS ASIC SPC4-2, but also other fieldbus ASICs like Aniotek’s UFC100-L1
  • Approach easing parallel implementation of PROFIBUS PA and Foundation fieldbus H1 field device using identical hardware platform
  • Joint development of Softing’s PROFIBUS PA and Foundation fieldbus H1 field device protocol software reducing necessary effort for implementing second field device protocol

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