PROFIBUS PA Field Device Protocol Software

Portable PROFIBUS PA Protocol Software for Field Devices

Softing’s PROFIBUS PA field device protocol software is optimized with respect to size, performance, and portability to support customer-specific hardware platforms. It is especially targeted to 16 Bit low-power microcontrollers and includes the complete range of protocol features for implementing conformant PROFIBUS PA field devices.


Fast adaptation to customer-specific hardware platforms

  • Complete solution, software-based
  • Especially designed for use in typical process automation field devices
  • Implementation optimized for usage in low-power microcontrollers typically found in hazardous areas
  • Suitable for many field device environments with a wide range in terms of microcontrollers, memory expansion and operating systems
  • Adaptable to device-specific requirements
  • Designed for use in customer-specific target platforms

Full range of functionality

  • Implementation according to the PROFIBUS specification
  • Including Function Blocks of the PROFIBUS PA profile from the PROFIBUS specification
  • Modular design for individual selection of the functionality supported in the respective field device

Support for general fieldbus ASICs

  • Implementation support not only for the PROFIBUS ASICs SPC4-2, but also for other fieldbus ASICs such as the UFC100-L1 from Softing
  • Possible parallel implementation of PROFIBUS PA and Foundation Fieldbus H1 field devices on identical hardware platform
  • Reduced implementation effort for second field device protocol when using the PROFIBUS PA and Foundation Fieldbus H1 field device protocol software from Softing in parallel

Technical Data

PROFIBUS PA Field Devices Software  
Minimum Hardware RequirementsCPU Class32 Bit, e.g. ARM Cortex-M, Renesas RX, ...
 CPU Clock4 MHz
 (Flash-) ROM> 256 KB
 RAM> 64 KB
 Non-Volatile Memory4 KB, e.g. as EEPROM / FRAM
Fieldbus InterfaceNumber of Channels1
 Transfer Rate31.25 Kbit/s
 Fieldbus ControllerSofting UFC100, (Siemens SPC4-2) (TI DAC8740)
LicensingPer-unit licensePer-unit license fee for use of the PROFIBUS PA field device stack in individual field devices.
Protected by Security EEPROM. One-year maintenance contract recommended
OptionsAvailable Function BlocksAnalog Input (AI), Analog Output (AO), Discrete Input (DI), Discrete Output (DO), Totalizer (TOT)

Order Information

Scope of Delivery 
HardwareSecurity EEPROM
DocumentationApplication Programming Interface (API) manual
Order Numbers 
LRA-KK-021513PROFIBUS PA Device Stack License
Additional Products and Services 
FFPA-MAINTAIN-FDMaintenance Contract for PROFIBUS PA Field Device Software
IFA-KK-020503Unified Fieldbus Controller UFC-100-L2
SPA-LL-020802Certification service PROFIBUS PA Physical Layer test
SPA-LL-020805Pre-certification service PROFIBUS PA test
EVA-MK-022210commModule MBP Evaluation Kit
TSA-KK-023001Introductory Training “PROFIBUS PA”
This training is not offered as a standard training course, but tailored to individual customer requirements.
It is usually held as part of a workshop related to with an integration project.

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