Low-Cost Passive PC/104 Boards Without Microcontroller

Single and dual channel interface boards in PC/104 format for series use in CAN and CANopen networks.


Low Cost Interface for Industrial and Embedded PCs

  • Data exchange between PC applications and connected CAN bus
  • Available in single and dual channel versions
  • Optional galvanic isolation
  • Efficient solution meeting specific technical and cost requirements of almost any CAN application
  • Use, for instance, in machine controllers, medical applications or energy technology
  • Cost optimization through standard off-the-shelf versions

Rapid Integration with Right Software Interface

  • API including FIFO storage buffering all sent and received messages, separately for each channel
  • No data loss when computer working on other tasks
  • Free CANopen Client API available for use in CANopen networks

Suitable for Many Target Systems and Harsh Environments

  • Use in Windows operating systems
  • Linux driver
  • Standard version supporting operating temperature range between -20 °C and +75 °C
  • Interface adjustable according to special requirements for series use, such as protective coating or different cable lengths

Order Information

Scope of Delivery 
HardwarePC interface board
SoftwareDrivers, APIs, sample programs on CD-ROM
DocumentationOn CD-ROM
Order Numbers 
CAN-OEM1-104Single Channel
CAN-OEM1-104-ISOSingle Channel, isolated
CAN-OEM2-104Dual Channel
CAN-OEM2-104-ISODual Channel, isolated
Additional Products and Services
CAN-104-CBL/STDCAN connection cable for CAN-OEM-104 with 9-pin D-sub connector, length approximately 17 cm


  • CAN - Troubleshooting Training

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