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    Access to process data in PLCs, device connectivity and server aggregation compliant with Namur Open Architecture (NOA).

The Namur Open Architecture

The traditional automation pyramid has proved itself since many years. However, automation network data which is valuable for IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions is challenging to access with the traditional automation pyramid. To tackle this challenge, Namur has developed the Namur Open Architecture (NOA) that provides an efficient way to unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0 in the process industries. With NOA, users can easily transfer all that valuable data securely via a second channel from smart devices to a central platform and software applications. NOA offers secure access to all the automation network data, using the OPC UA communication standard, and makes the data available without changes to an existing automation network.

Softing Products for NOA

Softing Industrial develops and markets reliable and proven connectivity products for the process industry. The products offer PLC independent access to device data, access to machine- and process data in PLCs, and server aggregation for simplified data integration with applications. The key requirements of process industry like scalability, security and reliability are met by softing’s products, users may choose among the following products:

smartLink Product Family

Access to device data (sensors, actuators) for IIoT, asset management and asset monitoring applications.

edgeConnector Product Family

Access to process and machine data in PLCs for IIoT applications (e.g OEE, predictive maintenance, machine learning, etc.)


Server aggregation and additional security for OPC UA-based data integration.

These products allow the implementation of IIoT solutions based on the NOA architecture without intervention in the core process automation of an existing plant, and they are equally suitable for projects with new plants.

smartLink SW-HT, edgeConnector and edgeAggregator products are containerized software modules (Docker container). They integrate with IT tools for management and operation, and hence support IT driven operating concepts which often go together with IoT solution architectures (Edge Computing).

Softing offers alternative options for customers who prefer Windows applications or hardware appliances over Docker containers. For instance, the Secure Integration Server Windows application can serve as an alternative to edgeAggregator, and the dataFEED OPC Suite Windows application or uaGate hardware products can be used instead of edgeConnector. These products are also compliant with NOA.


edgeConnector Siemens

Software module to connect SIMATIC S7 PLCs with IIoT Applications


edgeConnector Modbus

Software module to connect Modbus TCP controllers with IIoT Applications


dataFEED OPC Suite Extended

All-in-one Data Integration Solution for OPC UA Communication as well as Big Data and IoT Cloud Connectivity, including Store And Forward functionality for reliable access to the PLCs of leading manufacturers


smartLink SW-HT

Access to HART devices connected to Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Schneider Electric or R.Stahl controllers and remote I/Os for Emerson’s AMS and FDT.


smartLink HW-DP

Industry 4.0 connectivity for new and existing PROFIBUS DP networks



OPC UA Aggregation Server with IoT Connection


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