OPC UA Clients & Server Integration in C++ Applications based on Windows

Easily Integrate OPC UA with our detailed documentation, How-to Examples, tutorials & more

OPC UA C++ SDK for Windows enables you to integrate OPC UA into your application without any obstacles. Thanks to the comprehensive libraries, a clearly documented programming interface as well as the corresponding sample applications for an OPC UA Client and Server, you don‘t even need a deep knowledge of the OPC UA specification. Try our full trial version today.

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Complete Solution Addressing All Customer Requirements

  • Comprehensive set of building blocks offering encapsulation and easy-to-use functionality required for implementing OPC UA Clients, OPC UA Servers, OPC UA Publishers and OPC UA Subscribers
  • Modular design to scale OPC UA functionality according to actual requirements
  • Wide range of available functionality, including Extended Security, Data Access, Complex Data, Events, Alarms & Conditions and Historical Access
  • Integrated security concepts allowing safe remote data transfer actively addressing modern security threats
  • Applicable for time-critical control tasks as well as for complex automation projects
  • OPC UA Servers and Clients capable to move data and information between factory floor and enterprise level

Comprehensive Scope of Delivery for Easy and Fast Development

  • Optimized Application Programming Interface (API) and easy to understand documentation
  • Complimentary how-to example applications, step by step tutorials, complex test and simulation clients and servers for

Investment Security Through Innovative License Model

  • Implementation according latest OPC UA Client respectively OPC UA Server specifications
  • Free migration to upcoming OPC UA SDK versions thanks to SDK software and 3 years‘ right to updates to future versions
  • Technology proven by use in Softing‘s OPC Server and middleware products

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
Software Installation package available for download
Support Dedicated support team
Documentation Reference Manual in English in CHM format as part of installation package
Order Numbers
Please contact Softing or your local Softing contact regarding a quotation and the order number.
Additional Products and Services  
LRL-DY-135001 dataFEED OPC Suite Extended
TSA-DY-142001 OPC Engineering / Consulting / Compliance Assistance

Sales Model

Innovative Maintenance Contract

  • Optimized Application Programming Interface (API)
  • All Software Updates included
  • Support directly from our developers
  • No Royalty Fees
  • Available in Source Code and Binary
  • Unlimited runtime of the SDK past of Maintenance Contract

OPC UA SDK Sales Model
In this video we explain the sales model of our OPC UA SDKs. These SDKs help you in setting up your OPC UA application in no time with the help of our samples and the simplified API.

Support Videos

OPC UA C++ – A first look inside

Easily Develop and Integrate OPC UA Clients with C++

In this webinar we show the first steps to develop an OPC UA Client with the help of our dataFEED OPC UA C++ SDK.


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