• Industrial Embedded Modules

    Embedded modules enable field devices to access various protocols, physical layers & APIs. Our solutions eliminate the expensive development of hardware & are easy to integrate into field devices. They minimize the time-to-market the products & cut down the development costs.



Fast and easy integration of FOUNDATION fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA into HART or Modbus field devices


commModule MBP

Fieldbus Communication Module for Process Automation devices


commModule APL

Core Electronics for APL Field Devices


commKit Host

Embedded Host on commModule MBP for Handheld Tools



Universal fieldbus ASIC for PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION fieldbus H1



Universal Communication Module for integrating FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA



Communication Module for implementing PROFINET controller functionality


FOUNDATION fieldbus Mobile Host

Single channel FOUNDATION fieldbus H1-protocol software for mobile host applications


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