dataFEED OPC Suite Extended provides new features for data preprocessing

With data type conversion and LUA script support, the new V5.15 version of Softing's dataFEED OPC Suite Extended offers new data pre-processing capabilities.

The new dataFEED OPC Suite Extended Version V5.15 makes the provision of production data for various IT systems even easier and more flexible. The data type conversion offers various options for the conversion of strings to other data types, such as integer or Boolean. Furthermore, thanks to the support of LUA scripts, extensive and complex operations can be performed. This includes, for example, the splitting of arrays into individual elements or their processing as well as the merging or splitting of strings.

Previously, it was already possible to perform mathematical and logical calculations, such as converting a temperature value from Celsius to Fahrenheit. In addition, users could combine multiple values into a single data point using simple mathematical operations, extract bits from an integer, and perform logical operations (AND, OR, NOT, ...) with multiple data points.

dataFEED OPC Suite Extended is an all-in-one package for OPC communication and cloud connectivity. The suite can be used for accessing the controllers of leading manufacturers and for the integration of automation devices in IoT cloud applications.

A free trial version of dataFEED OPC Suite Extended V5.15 is available for download.


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