OPC UA Aggregation Server with IoT Connection

Container-based flexible IT/OT integration solution built on OPC UA with MQTT connectivity to IoT solutions

edgeAggregator provides a powerful OPC UA data integration layer combined with a modern Docker based IoT edge solution. Users implement flexible solutions with the OPC UA aggregation server that combine the various OPC UA servers of the automation level with their associated address spaces and make the data available to the IT applications via a consistent OPC UA interface.

The interface abstraction of edgeAggregator enables continuous adaptation and scaling of IoT solutions based on OPC UA and MQTT throughout the entire lifecycle. Users thus gain a high degree of flexibility while significantly reducing integration and configuration costs.

edgeAggregator covers the full range of OPC UA and MQTT security functions and allows the implementation of a state-of-the-art security solution.

As a Docker container, it offers flexible deployment options, such as on devices running Azure IoT Edge or AWS IoT GreengrassThe application can be easily configured locally via an integrated web interface.


Secure communication

  • Support of all security functions of OPC UA and MQTT
  • Provision of different data for various users and applications
  • Support for multiple OPC UA endpoints (client or server) each with their own certificates
  • Filtered access depending on IP address (Whitelist / Blacklist for OPC UA endpoints)
  • Detection of DoS (Denial of Service) attacks on OPC UA authentication

Data aggregation and interface abstraction

  • Aggregation of data from multiple sources in a server (aggregation of the OPC UA namespace)
  • Application access to aggregation servers, not too many individual data sources
  • Extensive and flexible OPC UA Service-based address space filtering, down to OPC UA Item level
  • Reduced configuration effort (Configuration not required individually for each OPC UA data source and each OPC UA Client)
  • Common, stable OT interfaces for different IT applications
  • Adaptations in the automation network transparent for IT applications
  • Decoupling of investment decisions in IT and OT environment

Flexible container solution

  • Fewer resources and increased scalability and flexibility
  • Highly flexible modern application that can be easily distributed, updated as needed, and started or stopped
  • Use and configuration also via management systems such as Kubernetes, Azure IoT Edge, or AWS IoT Greengrass
  • Container images stored in various online repositories such as Docker Hub or Azure Container Registry (ACR)

Solutions for Edge Architectures

  • Edge solution with features and benefits identical to those resulting from using central cloud platforms
  • Operation of local clients (e.g., for Edge Analytics) parallel to cloud-based applications possible
  • Start with a small edge-based IoT solution, later adaptation and expansion over time possible

Technical Data

Key Functionality
  • OPC UA Aggregation Server
  • OPC UA Namespace aggregation, 50 virtual namespaces maximum
  • OPC UA Server with up to 25 OPC UA Server endpoints, 25 users per endpoint, separate application certificate per endpoint
  • OPC UA Client with up to 100 connections to OPC UA Servers, separate application certificate per OPC UA connection
  • IoT Gateway
Supported OPC Specifications OPC Unified Architecture V1.04
OPC Roles OPC UA Client and OPC UA Server (by both all profiles from nano to standard)
OPC UA Profiles Data Access, Complex Data, Methods (including file transfer)
OPC UA Transport TCP Transport, UA Binary Encoding, UA Secure Conversation; HTTPS Transport, UA Binary Encoding
OPC UA Security Security methods: Aes256Sha256-RsaPss, Aes128SHA256-RsaOaep, Basic256Sha256, Basic256, Basic128Rsa15, None
Authentication: Anonymous, user name and password, certificate
OPC UA Firewall
  • OPC UA Service-based address space filtering, down to OPC UA Item level
  • Limitation of OPC UA Client connections
  • Restriction of OPC UA services
  • IP access filter (Whitelist / Backlist)
  • Detection of denial of service (DoS) attacks on OPC UA authentication
OPC Certification Test based on compliance test tools of OPC Foundation
Supported MQTT Specifications V3.1, V3.1.1 & V5
Supported MQTT Features
  • MQTT Publisher & Subscriber
  • TCP, TLS/SSL, WS, WSS, (including certificates)
  • QoS, Retain, Last Will & Testament
  • Store & Forward
Configuration Interface Authentication
  • Username / Password
Logging, Diagnostics
  • E-Mail Alert
  • Detailed system and test logging
  • Integrated logging functions for monitoring and audit, configurable and accessible via web interface
  • Test tools: OPC UA Demo-Server, OPC UA Demo-Client
  • Prometheus Metrics Information
Supported Operating Systems Linux (Docker Engine), Windows 10 and Windows 11 (Docker Desktop), Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022 (Docker Enterprise Edition)
Supported Architectures AMD64, ARM64, ARM32
Supported Container Orchestration Systems Kubernetes (K8s), Amazon ECS
Minimum Hardware Requirements 320 MB free disk space, 2GB RAM
Licensing Licensed via Softing Floating License Server
Demo Version Full functionality with a time limit of 72 hours
REST-API Access using the edgeConfigurator, download via Docker Hub

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
Software edgeAggregator, download via Docker Hub or Azure Marketplace
License Key E-mail delivery
Documentation Online help (German / English)
Order Numbers  
LRL-XX-161001 edgeConnection – Perpetual License*
LMA-XX-161001 edgeConnection – Software Upgrade License
* edgeConnection License already include 1 Year Software Upgrade license (LMA-XX-161001)

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