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CANpro USB embedded

Very Fast CAN Interface for Integration into Industrial PCs

The compact CANpro USB embedded without housing provides an easy-to-integrate solution of a powerful CAN interface for Industrial PCs. The interface uses the USB 2.0 Highspeed standard and provides very short response times, facilitating a wide variety of CAN and CANopen applications.


CAN Interface for Direct Integration via Mainboard USB Connection

  • Easy CAN interface integration
  • Space-saving and easy-to-handle solution
  • Connection to internal USB connector
  • Fixed to PC housing through on-board D-Sub connector
  • No expansion slot on main board and no specific interface required
  • No power supply or housing required

High Data Throughput Resulting in Short Response Time

  • USB 2.0 High Speed standard
  • One of the fastest CAN interfaces available on the market
  • High data throughput and very short response times of 100 μs to 500 μs
  • Suitable for running wide variety of applications, including time-critical ones

Comprehensive Application Programming Interface

  • Comprehensive API, supporting both CAN and CANopen protocols
  • Different operating modes for handling of individual CAN messages
  • APIs based on C and .NET
  • Interface adjustable according to special requirements for series use, including hardware adaptations

Order Information

Scope of Delivery 
HardwareCANpro USB embedded, internal USB cable
SoftwareDrivers, APIs, sample programs on CD-ROM
DocumentationManual on CD-ROM
Order Numbers 
BUL-OO-011810CANpro USB embedded


  • CAN - Troubleshooting Training

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