PROFIBUS PA & FOUNDATION fieldbus – Field device integration

Single Hardware for implementing FF & PROFIBUS PA technologies into field devices

commKit is a set of hardware, software, and customer specific consulting services. Manufacturers of field devices can quickly and cost-effectively enable devices with a HART or Modbus interface for FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA. Instead of elaborately developing a C-application that converts the complex functional block models of FF and PROFIBUS PA to HART commands or Modbus registers of the field device, this mapping is described in a script which is loaded onto the communication interface commModule MBP and is interpreted there.

commKit consists of:

  • the commModule MBP, which is the interface for FF-H1 or PROFIBUS-PA, interprets the device-specific script and communicates with the field device via HART or Modbus
  • the software tool commScripter for generating the device-specific mapping function
  • a customer-specific workshop and supplementary products


Pre-certified Hardware – commModule MBP for Fast Device Certification

  • Piggyback circuit board in compact design (32 mm x 39 mm x 6.5mm)
  • In conformance with FOUNDATION fieldbus requirements the pre-certification leads to fast device certification
  • UART, I2C, SPI data interfaces
  • Ex certification (Atex, IECEx, FM)
  • Conformal coating

Pre-installed Firmware – commScripter Replaces Extensive Programming Efforts

  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA device stacks included
  • Script-driven application for easy access to device parameters via HART and Modbus
  • No time-consuming programming of a C-application required
  • Fast integration of a communication interface according to customer requirements and without programming
  • Enables fast and flexible integration of FF-H1 and PROFIBUS-PA into HART and Modbus devices

Workshop – Project Support by Softing Developers

  • Customer-specific multi-day workshop introducing the commScripter concept
  • Realization of a device image with the device of the customer
  • Supplementary support for device integration and DD creation

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
Software / Firmware Downloadable CD image containing Firmware binaries, source code samples (incl. device descriptions), tools and documentation
Documentation User Guides for commModule HW and Evaluation Kit, commScripter and FF/PA firmware
Order Numbers  
EVA-MK-022210 commModule Evaluation Kit (commModule MBP in housing with connectors)
LDA-KM-022451 commScripter Single Seat Developer License FF to HART
LDA-LM-022452 commScripter Single Seat Developer License PA to HART
LDA-KS-022453 commScripter Single Seat Developer License FF to Modbus
LDA-LS-022454 commScripter Single Seat Developer License PA to Modbus
HUA-XX-001014 USB Hardlock for commScripter Licenses
SIA-KS-022470 commScripter Workshop (per day)
SIA-KL-020100 Integration Support (per hour)
Additional Products and Services
DXA-KL-020621 Renesas E2Lite Flasher
EIA-KS-022200 commModule MBP potted, 90 pieces in tray
EIA-KS-022220 commModule MBP non-potted, 90 pieces in tray
EIA-KS-022400 commModule MBP potted, 5 samples in tray, potted
EIA-KS-022420 commModule MBP non-potted, 5 samples in tray

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