Embedded Host on commModule MBP for Handheld Tools

Foundation Fieldbus / Profibus PA Single-Channel Host Protocol Software

The commKit Host solution provides Foundation Fieldbus (FF) H1 Host and Profibus PA Master protocol software designed for Softing’s commModule MBP to be integrated into customer-specific hand-held tools. It supports the main range of FF / PA protocol features and allows very fast implementation of client systems.


Investment Protection due to Combination of Key Advantages

  • Combination of high-performance portable FF-H1 Host Stack rsp. Profibus Master Stack with the widely known industry-proven commModule MBP hardware
  • Deployment of compatible modules releasing the customer from component availability issues and obsolescence management

Fast Time-to-market

  • Universal piggyback solution for protocol implementations reduces the time-to-market to a minimum
  • The hardware is ATEX certified and has already passed the Physical Layer Tests for the fieldbus interface.

Extended Functionality

  • Access to MBP networks within the field level by using an FF and / or PA enabled host application
  • Direct connection to MBP based networks and thus instantaneous access to FF or PA devices

Easy of Use

  • The built-in easyAPI dramatically reduces effort and required protocol know how especially for FF host applications
  • Support in developing or acquiring individual host applications
  • Both protocols are stored in parallel on the module and can be selected by initialization command at system startup

Technical Data

Technical Data
FF Protocol capabilities ▪ H1 Link Master
▪ SM Services
▪ Client/Server connections as Client (No Publisher / Subscriber connections)
▪ 7 parallel connections
PA Protocol capabilities ▪ MBP Master
▪ DPV0: GetDiag, SetSlaveAdd, (No MSCY services)
▪ DPV1: MSAC_C2 services
▪ 7 parallel connections

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
Software / Firmware ▪ Foundation Fieldbus / PROFIBUS PA Host Stack (as executable firmware)
▪ Sample code for API usage
Documentation ▪ Application Program Interface (API) Manual
▪ commModule MBP Hardware Manual
▪ ATEX Certificate
▪ Physical Layer Test Report
Order Numbers  
LDA-KL-022325 commKit Host Package
FFPA-MAINTAIN-Host Maintenance Contract for Foundation Fieldbus H1 Host Stack
SIA-KL-020100 Integration Support (per hour)
Additional Products and Services
EIA-KS-022200 commModule MBP potted, 90 pieces in tray
EIA-KS-022220 commModule MBP non-potted, 90 pieces in tray
EIA-KS-022400 commModule MBP potted, 5 samples in tray
EIA-KS-022420 commModule MBP non-potted, 5 samples in tray
EVA-MK-022210 commModule Evaluation Kit (commModule MBP in housing with connectors)
DXA-KL-020621 Renesas E2Lite Flasher
SPA-KK-020801 FCG Physical Layer Test Certification Service for FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 Field Devices
SPA-LL-020802 PROFIBUS PA Physical Layer Test Certification Service for PROFIBUS PA Field Devices

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