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  •  Industrial Gateways

    Industrial Gateways

    Gateways & Links enable the coupling of various Ethernet-based and serial industrial bus systems as well as access to OT networks from the IT level.

    They make use of existing assets and open the way for future Industrial Internet of Things use cases.


Gateways for protocol conversion

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  • Modbus to PROFIBUS, Modbus to FF H1, FF HSE to FF H1
  • Connects the controller with field devices for Asset Management
  • Converts controller protocol to field device protocol

Gateways Asset Management

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  • Extends connectivity beyond the native process control reach
  • Connects Asset Management to smart field devices
  • Manage, troubleshoot, and configure smart field devices

IoT Gateways

IoT Gateways
  • Vertical and horizontal PLC data integration into local applications and the cloud
  • Secure machine data delivery from the production level to the IT world