Software module to connect ControlLogix and CompactLogix controllers to IIoT applications

Container technology with access to Allen-Bradley controller data via OPC UA and MQTT with flexible deployment options for higher-level applications

edgeConnector Allen-Bradley PLC connects ControlLogix and CompactLogix PLCs and provides access to their data via an OPC UA server interface. In addition, the data can also be transmitted to MQTT brokers using MQTT. As a docker container, it offers flexible deployment options, for example on devices running Azure IoT Edge or AWS IoT Greengrass.

The application is easy to configure locally via a built-in Web interface. It can also be managed remotely via its REST API. Configuration is flexible and includes fine-tuned security settings (e.g. role-based access rights for OPC UA client applications).

As a first strategic extension of Softing’s dataFEED product family into virtualization- and container technology, the new product leverages Softing deep experience with brownfield connectivity with MQTT and OPC UA technology and makes it available for new and highly efficient IoT solution architectures.


Access to Allen-Bradley's PLC Data from OPC UA Applications

  • Access data from ControlLogix and CompactLogix controller through EtherNet/IP CIP.
  • Connection to PLCs is possible through Routing functionality.
  • Standardized OPC UA communication for data integration into management systems like ERP, MES, or SCADA or for data exchange with other docker containers like Microsoft OPC Publisher or Amazon AWS IoT SiteWise
  • Connection of up to 20 Allen-Bradley PLCs with one Container Runtime

Easy Cloud-driven or Local Deployment

  • Container images stored in different online repositories like Docker Hub and Azure Container Registry (ACR)
  • Simple data transmission to an MQTT broker using the MQTT publisher functionality for local or cloud-based solutions
  • Recipe manager functionality for writing process data from the cloud to controllers (MQTT Subscriber)
  • Licensing via Softing License Server

Lightweight Flexible Container Solution

  • Less resources plus increased scalability and flexibility
  • Support of security standards as SSL/TLS, X.509 certificates, authentication, and data encryption
  • Highly flexible state-of-the-art application to be deployed, adjusted, or started and stopped immediately, if needed
  • Deployment and configuration also via management systems such as Kubernetes, Azure IoT Edge, or AWS IoT Greengrass

Technical Data

edgeConnector Allen-Bradley PLC  
Supported Controllers ControlLogix and CompactLogix, CLX
Supported Protocols
  • EtherNet/IP CIP
Supported MQTT Specifications V3.1, V3.1.1 & V5
Supported MQTT Features
  • MQTT Publisher & Subscriber
  • TCP, TLS/SSL, WS, WSS, (including certificates)
  • QoS, Retain, LastWill & Testament
  • Store & Forward
Supported OPC Specifications OPC Unified Architecture V1.04
OPC UA Roles OPC UA Server
OPC UA Profiles Data Access
OPC UA Security Security methods: Aes256Sha256-RsaPss, Aes128SHA256-RsaOaep, Basic256Sha256, Basic256, Basic128Rsa15, None
Authentication: Anonymous, Username and Password, Certificate
OPC Compliance Test based on compliance test tools of OPC Foundation
Configuration Interface Authentication
  • Username / Password
Logging, Diagnostics
  • Built-in trace and audit logging facilities, configurable and accessible through the web interface
  • Docker integrated trace logging
  • Prometheus Metrics Information
Supported Operating Systems Linux (Docker Engine), Windows 10 and Windows 11 (Docker Desktop and Docker Engine through WSL2)
Supported Architectures AMD64, ARM64, ARM32
Supported Container Orchestration Systems Kubernetes (K8s), Amazon ECS
Minimum Hardware Requirements 320 MB free disk space, 2GB RAM
Licensing Licensed via Softing License Server
Demo Version 20 PLC connections timed at 72 hours
REST-API Access using the edgeConfigurator, download via Docker Hub

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
Software edgeConnector Allen-Bradley, download via, download via Docker Hub or Azure Marketplace
License Key E-mail delivery
Documentation Online help (German / English) and online:
Order Numbers *  
LRL-XX-161001 edgeConnection – Perpetual License*
LMA-XX-161001 edgeConnection – Software Upgrade License
*edgeConnection License already includes 1 Year Software Upgrade license (LMA-XX-161001)
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