• Food & Beverage Industry

    Food & Beverage Industry

Pacific Coast Producers

Upgrading the Overall Equipment Effective (OEE) program in agriculture and food industry with near real-time machine-data monitor.


Product: eATM tManager ControlLogix

Machine Builder Food and Beverages

Machine modernization with Profinet Controller, maximizig reuse of existing automation network components


Product: pnGate DP

Machine Builder Food and Beverages

Connecting 25+ Productions Sites to Central IoT Platform, Process Optimization and Downtime Reduction for CNC Machines and Monitoring of Energy Consumption


Product: edgeConnector 840D​​​​​​​

American Food Giant

Machine connectivity with dataFEED OPC Suite for global digital factory project at 150+ locations


Product: dataFEED OPC Suite

Globally Leading Food & Beverage Company

Reliable and bidirectional data exchange between PLCs and SQL server for modern IoT solution and data-driven innovation


Product: eATM tManager ControlLogix


Softing Inc.