• Rockwell Modules (eATM)

    Rockwell Modules (eATM)

    Appliance Transaction Modules – Connectivity Modules for Rockwell Automation Controllers – designed for Enterprise-to-Controller or Controller-to-Controller data exchange. Once completed, the modules alone handle all data exchange - no other software is required.


eATM tManager ControlLogix

IoT Gateways | Rockwell Modules | eATM tManager ControlLogix

Connect ControlLogix PLC to SQL Databases and Cloud Applications


eATM tManager CompactLogix

IoT Gateways | Rockwell Modules | ATM tManager CompactLogix

Connect CompactLogix PLC to SQL Databases


eATM OPC UA Server Module

IoT Gateways | Rockwell Modules | ATM OPC UA Server

Integrate an OPC UA Server Directly in Your ControlLogix Chassis


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