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    Case Studies

Supplier of Air Filtering and Thermal Management Components

Centralized Secure Data Integration and Information Model Management for OPC UA and SAP Business Suite


Product: dataFEED OPC Suite

Specialized Plastics Supplier

Driving Cost Savings in the Quality Control of Plastic Extrusion Processes with IIoT , Machine Learning and Microsoft Azure


Product: dataFEED OPC Suite

Machine Builder

Connecting 25+ Productions Sites to Central IoT Platform, Process Optimization and Downtime Reduction for CNC Machines and Monitoring of Energy Consumption


Product: edgeConnector 840D

Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessel (FPSO)

Plant Asset Management with AMS Device Manager for HART Devices


Product: smartLink SW-HT

Measurement Instruments Leader

Optimizing the Maintenance and Monitoring of Field Devices through Seamless Connectivity Using Smart Tablets or Smartphones


Product: mobiLink


Softing Inc.