Core Electronics for Ethernet-APL Field Devices

Rapid Integration of Ethernet-APL Communication and Application into Field Devices

commModule APL is a cost-effective hardware module for the implementation of Ethernet-APL field devices. It provides connectivity to Ethernet-APL as well as an application software that can be easily configured to implement the required behavior of the particular field device. Existing HART and Modbus devices can be migrated to Ethernet-APL even without the need to write a single line of code. All required mapping to the HART or Modbus commands can be defined using the commScripter tool. 


Fast and cost-effective implementation

  • Small footprint for use in majority of process equipment
  • Suited for automatic assembly on motherboard
  • No need for a complex hardware development
  • No stack porting, no application programming

PROFINET protocol software according to PA profile 4.02 already onboard

  • Implementation follows latest APL and PI specifications
  • Run-time license for the software is already included

Made for intrinsically safe hardware designs

  • Potted and non-potted version for optimized ex design
  • ATEX and IECEx approval for use in explosive environments

Easy integration into HART and Modbus devices

  • Script-controlled mapping of function block application to device specific HART or Modbus commands
  • No need for C programming
  • commScripter tool checks script and creates mapping table
  • Off-the-shelf commModules are customized by downloading mapping table

Technical Data

Processor Renesas RX64M
RAM 2,5 MByte
Flash 4 MByte (on chip)
Non-volatile RAM On chip for persistent storage of parameters
Connectors Solder pads on edge of PCB
Current Consumption 50 mA
Power Supply to Device 3.2 V (max. 70 mW) and 6.2 V (max. 90 mW)
Operating Temperature -40 °C … +80 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C … +125 °C
Relative Humidity 10 % … 90% non condensing
Mounting Soldering (automatic assembly possible for non-potted version)
Weight 24 g (potted), 8 g (non-potted)
Dimensions 32,0 x 54,7 x 8,0 mm
Fieldbus Interface PROFINET over APL with PA Profile 4.02
Interface to Application Device for regular firmware for commKit: UART, for user specific firmware: UART, I2C, SPI
Protocol to Application Device HART, Modbus or user specific
ATEX In preparation
IECEx In preparation

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
Hardware Preliminary engineering samples of commModule APL available on request
Production devices on tray (sealed dry pack) available later this year
Firmware PROFINET device stack, mapping application
Documentation Hardware Manual
Order Numbers  
EIA-AS-022430 commModule APL potted, samples
EIA-AS-022450 commModule APL non-potted, samples
EIA-AS-022230 commModule APL, potted, 90 pieces in 6 trays
EIA-AS-022250 commModule APL, non-potted, 90 pieces in 6 trays
Additional Products and Services
EVA-MA-022240 commModule Evaluation Kit (commModule APL in housing with connectors)
DXA-KL-020621 Renesas E2 Lite Flasher
LDA-AM-022755 commScripter, Single Seat Developer License PROFINET to HART
LDA-AM-022756 commScripter, Single Seat Developer License PROFINET to Modbus
HUA-AA-001012 USB Hardlock for commScripter Licenses
SIA-AY-022471 commScripter APL Workshop (per day)
SIA-KL-020100 Integration Support (per hour)



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