Fast OPC Implementation by the Experts

The Softing engineering team performs OPC projects for customers based on more than 20 years of OPC expertise. It implements OPC functionality into customer-specific products and applications, using the leading Softing OPC toolkits. As a result, the OPC implementation becomes ready-to-use in the fastest possible way. Plus, there is no need for assigning rare development resources to understanding the complex OPC specifications and for spending a long time to establish an in-depth OPC knowledge. OPC projects are available for both OPC Classic as well as for OPC UA (Unified Architecture) implementations.

OPC projects performed by Softing have been rated very positively in every respect by the customers. As a result of the shown development performance, Softing has been chosen by the OPC Foundation as the main contractor for individual software maintenance services, e.g. regarding the compliance test tool or the OPC UA ANSI C and .NET stacks.


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