Foundation™ Fieldbus H1 Field Device Stack

Portable Foundation Fieldbus H1 Protocol Software for Field Devices

Softing’s Foundation Fieldbus (FF) H1 field device stack is optimized with respect to size, performance, and portability to support customer-specific hardware platforms. It is especially targeted to low-power microcontrollers and includes the complete range of protocol features for implementing conformant FF H1 field devices.

Portability to Customer-Specific Hardware Platforms

  • Especially focused on needs of typical process automation field devices
  • Implementation optimized for usage of low-power microcontrollers in explosive environments
  • Easy usage in wide range of microcontroller, memory, and operating system environments
  • Quick adaptation to device-specific requirements for execution on customer-specific target platforms

Support of Full Range of Protocol Features

  • Full spectrum of FieldComm Group specification
  • Usage together with wide range of standard Function Blocks
  • Optional support of Link Master functionality
  • Individual selection of functionality supported by field device

Proven Quality

  • One of the first implemented FF H1 field device stacks
  • Implemented in more than 60% of all registered FF systems
  • Successful through Softing’s uncompromising commitment to quality and extensive experience with embedding communication software into industrial components
Minimum Hardware Requirements CPU Class 16 Bit
  CPU Cycle 4 MHz
  Flash > 384 KB
  RAM >128 KB
  Non-Volatile Memory 4 KB (Basic Device) / 8 KB (Link Master)
Fieldbus Interface Number of Channels 1
  Transfer Rate 31.25 Kbit/s

Development License One-time fee for developing one field device type using Softing Foundation Fieldbus H1 Field Device Stack

Per-unit fee for licensing the Foundation Fieldbus H1 Field Device Stack for individual field devices
Protected by Security EEPROM
One-year maintenance contract recommended

Available Function Blocks Analog Input (AI), Analog Output (AO), Discrete Input (DI), Discrete Output (DO), PID, Multiple Analog Input (MAI), Multiple Analog Output (MAO), Multiple Discrete Input (MDI), Multiple Discrete Output (MDO), Integrator (IT), Arithmetic (AR), Input Selector (IS), Signal Characterizer (SC), Output Splitter (OS)
  Link Active Scheduler (LAS)
  Block Instantiation
FFH1FD Foundation Fieldbus H1 Field Device Stack
FFPA-PORT-FD Porting of Foundation Fieldbus H1 Field Device Stack to customer-specific hardware

Scope of Delivery

Hardware Security EEPROM
Documentation Application Programming Interface (API) Manual

Additional Products and Services

FFPA-MAINTAIN-FD Maintenance Contract for FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 Field Device Stack
IFA-KK-020503 Unified Fieldbus Controller UFC-100-L1
SPA-KK-020801 FieldComm Group Physical Layer Test Certification Service for Foundation Fieldbus H1 Field Devices
SPA-KK-020803 FieldComm Group Conformance Test Pre-Certification Service for Foundation Fieldbus H1 Field Devices
SPA-KK-020804 FieldComm Group Interoperability Test Pre-Certification Service for Foundation Fieldbus H1 Field Devices
KSA-FK-020220 Foundation Fieldbus Starter Kit FF-START for FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 Network Set-Up
TSA-KK-023001 Introductory Training “Foundation Fieldbus”
This training is not offered as a standard training course, but tailored to individual customer requirements.
It is usually held as part of a workshop and in connection with an integration project.

FF Field Device Testing and FF Technology Evaluation

The FF Starter Kit includes a complete set of hardware and software equipment that is required to set up and operate a FOUNDATION fieldbus (FF) H1 network. This tool is suited for learning how to use FF technology and represents the best starting point for instrument manufacturers planning to implement FF functionality in their field devices.

  • Easy Network Setup
  • Becoming Familiar with FOUNDATION fieldbus
  • Test Environment for Device Development


Easy Setup of FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 Network

The FF Starter Kit includes all hardware and software components necessary to setup, configure, and monitor an FF H1 network. It is mainly based on Softing’s successful FF products and includes a Linking Device, a sample FF H1 field device with interactive simulation capabilities, a Windows-based configuration tool, a power conditioner, cables, as well as detailed documentation. This stand alone Starter Kit has been designed with ease-of-use in mind and does not require any development or other time-consuming preparation work.

Becoming Familiar with FOUNDATION Fieldbus

The plug-and-play FF Starter Kit allows evaluating and learning FF technology. Users of this solution are enabled to gain practical experience in planning, configuring, setting up, running and maintaining a network. In addition to learning purposes, the Starter Kit can be used for demonstrations and showroom applications. 

Test Environment for Device Development

The FF Starter Kit is moreover designed for laboratory and development use and enables users to carry out FF H1 field device tests. The included Linking Device provides access via FF High Speed Ethernet (HSE) to up to 4 segments with up to 16 devices each. Process values can be monitored and individual network situations can be tested by using the FF H1 field device simulation capabilities.

Additional Information

FF Starter Kit Data Sheet

Technical Data

FF-START consists of individual FOUNDATION fieldbus Softing products (see Scope of Delivery). The detailed Technical Data of these products can be found in the respective datasheets which are all included in the FF-START CD-ROM.

Scope of Delivery

FF Starter KitHardware and Software1 Softing FOUNDATION fieldbus Linking Device FG-110 FF
1 Softing FOUNDATION fieldbus Sample Device FBK-2-START
1 Softing FOUNDATION fieldbus Configuration Tool FF-CONF
1 Power Conditioner (Relcom F11)
24V Power Supply (for FG-110 FF)
2 FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 Cables
DocumentationFF Starter Kit Manuals and Documentation on CD-ROM

Order Number


FF Starter Kit

Additional Products and Services



Introductory Training “FOUNDATION fieldbus”
This training is not offered as a standard training course, but tailored to individual customer requirements. It is usually held as part of a workshop and in connection with an integration project.

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