HART Multiplexer Software supports Turck excom und Siemens ET 200iSP Remote I/Os

smartLink SW-HT from Softing Industrial, for accessing configuration and diagnostic data, now supports Turck excom and Siemens ET 200iSP remote IOs.

smartLink SW-HT allows access to configuration and diagnostics data (Source: Softing Industrial)

A growing number of new remote IOs are using Ethernet instead of PROFIBUS to connect to the controller. smartLink SW-HT responds to this trend by providing an Ethernet connection to tunnel the HART commands to the remote IOs. As the only solution on the market, smartLink SW-HT enables the use of remote I/Os from various manufacturers, including Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Schneider Electric, and R. Stahl. The new version 1.40 extends the support to Siemens ET 200iSP and Turck excom remote IOs.

Configuration and diagnostic data are accessed via Emerson's AMS Device Manager or other HART IP-enabled Plant Asset Management applications. smartLink SW-HT provides an Ethernet connection for tunneling the HART commands to the remote IOs. At the field level, smartLink SW-HT can be integrated easily and without risks. This integration can even be carried out during ongoing operations. No additional hardware is required in the process. The application thus makes it easier for users to implement open, standards-based, and scalable system architectures. It also enables connectivity to be integrated into edge solutions managed by IT.

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