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Fieldbus Shield Digital Leakage Current Clamp

Fieldbus Current Clamp

Fieldbus Shield Digital Leakage Current Clamp - Locating EMC Problems

It measures leakage currents, e.g. leakage and fault currents and current pick-up of instruments without breaking the circuit. Measurements according to DIN VDE 0701/0702 and the German BetrSichV (BGV A3, VBG 4). It also reliably detects even very small improper shield currents resulting from EMC problems.


  • Leakage current measurement
  • Differential current measurement
  • Voltage and resistance measurement
  • Frequency range for AC current / voltage 40 Hz...1 kHz
  • Acoustical continuity testMIN/MAX and relative value measurement
  • Manual selection of the measurement range
  • Integrated data hold
  • Additional analog bar graph display
  • Clamp opening 30 mm
  • Auto power off

Included in Package

  • Digital leakage current clamp
  • 2 batteries 1.5 V IEC LR6
  • Carrying case
  • Measuring cables (1 x red, 1 x black)
  • User manual.