Low-Cost Passive PC/104 Boards Without Microcontroller

Single and dual channel interface boards in PC/104 format for series use in CAN and CANopen networks.


Low Cost Interface for Industrial and Embedded PCs

  • Data exchange between PC applications and connected CAN bus
  • Available in single and dual channel versions
  • Optional galvanic isolation
  • Efficient solution meeting specific technical and cost requirements of almost any CAN application
  • Use, for instance, in machine controllers, medical applications or energy technology
  • Cost optimization through standard off-the-shelf versions

Rapid Integration with Right Software Interface

  • API including FIFO storage buffering all sent and received messages, separately for each channel
  • No data loss when computer working on other tasks
  • Free CANopen Client API available for use in CANopen networks

Suitable for Many Target Systems and Harsh Environments

  • Use in Windows operating systems
  • Linux driver
  • Standard version supporting operating temperature range between -20 °C and +75 °C
  • Interface adjustable according to special requirements for series use, such as protective coating or different cable lengths

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
Hardware PC interface board
Software Download (see below): Drivers, APIs, sample programs
Documentation Download (see below)
Order Numbers  
CAN-OEM1-104 Single Channel
CAN-OEM2-104 Dual Channel
Additional Products and Services
CAN-104-CBL/STD CAN connection cable for CAN-OEM-104 with 9-pin D-sub connector, length approximately 17 cm

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