Hart Multiplexer Software to Access Configuration & Diagnostics Data

Interface software to access HART devices from Emerson’s AMS and other HART-IP enabled applications.

smartLink SW-HT is a HART multiplexer that provides a simple and fast access to HART field devices without additional hardware. It is a software interface solution for HART devices connected to Allen-Bradley or Schneider Electric HART IO modules. The integrated HART-IP server enables transparent access to the HART devices.

smartLink SW-HT enables remote asset management, device configuration and monitoring. It allows to access device identification, health, diagnostics, and process data.


Access HART devices without additional Hardware

  • Use the existing infrastructure to access the HART devices
  • No additional cost for HART multiplexer hardware
  • No installation and maintenance of additional Hardware
  • Optional routing of the communication to the Allen-Bradley and Schneider Electric remote I/Os through the controller

Highly scalable business model

  • Pay only for the HART devices connected with smartLink SW-HT
  • Scalable license model based on the number of HART devices to access
  • Try it with 1 HART device for free

Transparent HART communication

  • The HART commands sent to the HART-IP server are forwarded to the HART devices
  • No limitation on the supported HART commands
  • Uses the open HART-IP protocol

Easy deployment

  • Easy to use on a Windows workstation with the VM deliverable
  • Supports Docker and Kubernetes for easy deployment by IT
  • Supports Azure IoT Edge for easy deployment from Cloud to the Industrial Edge
  • Web based configuration software is included in the container

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SoftwaresmartLink SW-HT as Virtual machine or Docker container – additionally available via Docker Hub
DocumentationUser Guide
Order Numbers 
For freesmartLink SW-HT, Software HART multiplexer. Try it with 1 HART device
LRA-MM-027002smartPlus HT, License for access to one HART device
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LRA-MM-020672DevDom.iOS HART – Apple iOS application for HART device communication
LRA-MM-020671DevCom2000 HART – Windows application for HART device communication
DBA-KM-020410mobiLink – Mobile HART interface


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