PBpro PCI Express

Universal PCI Express Boards for Use as Master or Slave

Single and dual channel interface boards in PCI Express format for integrating PCs into PROFIBUS architectures as machine controllers, supervisory control applications, field devices or operator panels.


Always the Fitting PROFIBUS Protocol

  • PROFIBUS Master and Slave functionality
  • Support of PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS FMS and PROFIBUS FDL protocols
  • Universal interface solution for integration in industrial and embedded PCs

Rapid Integration

  • Direct access to all protocols via PROFIBUS API
  • Sample programs including comments
  • Integration in various plant asset management tools

Large Choice of Drivers

  • Use in Windows operating systems
  • Linux driver in preparation
  • PROFIBUS CommDTM for FDT applications included in scope of delivery

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
Hardware PC interface board
Software Download (see below): Drivers, APIs, sample programs
Documentation Download (see below)
Order Numbers  
PB-PRO1-PCIE Master/Slave, Single Channel
PB-PRO1-PCIE/LP Master/Slave, Single Channel, Low Profile
PB-PRO1S-PCIE Slave, Single Channel
PB-PRO1S-PCIE/LP Slave, Single Channel, Low Profile
PB-PRO2-PCIE Master/Slave, Dual Channel

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