PROFINET Controller for Intel FPGA

Integration of PROFINET into Industrial Controllers using Intel FPGA

PROFINET Controller for Intel FPGA provides controller connectivity for PLC, PAC, DCS and similar systems. It comprises an industrial switch IP core and all required protocol software already running on a softcore processor. It is an encapsulated PROFINET communication subsystem simply downloadable into an FPGA.


Easy-to-integrate PROFINET Controller subsystem for FPGAs

  • Subsystem includes an optimized Industrial Ethernet switch IP core and a CPU IP core running the PROFINET controller protocol stack
  • No porting of the PROFINET stack required – just load the prepared executable
  • Memory interface with comprehensive API library for the controller application
  • Verified with official PROFINET test bundle of PI organization

Suitable for factory automation, process control and safety applications

  • Fast operation by cut-through-switching and DMA transfer of i/o data
  • Support of Fast Startup, Simple Device Replacement and System Redundancy
  • Support of PA Profile devices and of Dynamic Reconfiguration
  • Subsystem can serve as Black Channel for PROFIsafe applications

Cyber security features included

  • Switch IP core with integrated firewall functions
  • Netload Class III
  • Tested with Achilles

Technical Data

PROFINET Controller for Intel FPGA  
IP Core configuration
  • Switch IP Core with 2 external ports and 1 internal port
  • 1 Nios II IP core for processing the protocol
  • DPRAM interface to application processor (FPGA-internal or external)
Supported FPGA families Cyclone III, Cyclone IV GX, Cyclone IV E, Cyclone V, Cyclone V SoC, Cyclone 10 LP, MAX 10
Switch Clock 125 MHz
Functionality ▪ PROFINET Controller according to specification V2.4, Conformance Class B ▪ Netload Class III ▪ Fast Startup ▪ Simple device replacement ▪ LLDP ▪ MRP ▪ SNMP support ▪ Dynamic Reconfiguration (Configuration in Run) ▪ I/O data consistency for up to 1440 bytes
Optional Functionality ▪ additional PROFINET Device functionality ▪ PROFINET Controller according to specification V2.4, Conformance Class C (IRT) ▪ MRPD ▪ System redundancy (S2)
Capacity Configurable parameters:
  • Number of PROFINET devices per controller instance: recommended max. 127
  • Number of ARs per controller instance: max 255
  • Number of SR-ARs per controller instance: max 255
  • Number of modules/submodules per AR: no limit, 8 kBytes I/O data per device
  • Number of IOCRs per AR: default 4
  • Number of IOCRs per controller instance: max 1024
  • Total size of I/O data per controller instance: up to 1024 x 1440 bytes
  • Size of record data item: max. 8 kBytes for one record
Memory requirements:
  • Recommended RAM size (code + data): 32 Mbytes
  • Shortest allowed cycle time: 250 μs
  • Number of IOCRs at 1 ms cycle time: limited only by 100% Ethernet bandwidth

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
IP / Logic
  • Complete PROFINET Controller subsystem
  • Supplementary IP cores
  • Sample application FPGA design
  • Loadable protocol software including eCos operating system
  • API library
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