TH LINK PC Industrial Ethernet

Controller-Independent Diagnostics for Ethernet-Based Industrial Networks

The TH LINK PC Industrial Ethernet software product provides powerful industrial network diagnostics for plant operators and maintenance engineers. The diagnostic data is collected in networks comprising up to 254 nodes and made available to users through the TH SCOPE software application. TH LINK PC Industrial Ethernet is designed for temporary and continuous operation and supports the PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP protocols.


Flexible Installation and Application

  • Installation, e.g. in panels, for continuous monitoring (discovery of current topology, detection of firmware versions, diagnostic messages, etc.)
  • Installation, e.g. in laptops, for temporary operation (network acceptance testing, troubleshooting)
  • Connection to live industrial network possible without interfering with its operation
  • No need to install TAPs or use mirror ports
  • Designed to run on any PC with Windows operating System

Independent Access to Industrial Network

  • Controller-independent
  • Independent of configuration tools
  • Monitoring of multiple IP subnetworks (up to 254 nodes, one or more controllers)

Powerful Data Collection Capabilities Optimized for Ethernet-Based Industrial Communication

  • Support of the PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP protocols
  • Collection also from standard Ethernet devices (e.g. PCs or camera systems)
  • PROFINET supervisor in PROFINET networks
  • Network load limit according to PROFINET guidelines

Optimized for Use by Maintenance Engineers

  • Designed for network acceptance testing, continuous monitoring, troubleshooting
  • Easy and intuitive handling and operation
  • Fault identification with intelligent troubleshooting assistance
  • Seamless integration with TH SCOPE diagnostics software

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