echolink S7 compact FAQs

Please refer to the following PDF for a detailed explanation: echolink S7 TIA Settings

Please refer to the following PDF for a detailed explanation: Accessing echolink S7-compact with the S7/S5 OPC server

It is possible to realize a connection from a WinCC flexible Runtime/Panel to a S7-200 PPI station over ethernet using an Echolink S7 Compact gateway.


In the following example a configuration with WinCC flexible is shown. The HMI station ist connected to the Echolink S7 Compact via an Ethernet connection. The Echolink S7 Compact itself is connected to a S7-300/S7-400 station by MPI or PROFIBUS. Bus parameters were configured by the IBHNet configuration tool.

The following addresses were chosen in the example:

IP addresses:

Station Address
HMI station
Echolink S7 Compact

MPI/DP addresses:

Station Address
Echolink S7 Compact 5
S7-300/400 station 12


Configuration: The ethernet communication driver for S7 300/400 must be selected in WinCC flexible, since only this driver allows the selection of an extension slot on the PLC side. This setting is necessary for the selection of the MPI/DP address to use for the connection.

The echolink s7-compact terminates automatically. No termination resistor needs to be set. The gateway can therefore be connected independently of this at the beginning or end of a Profibus network. Due to the piggyback assembly, it can easily be plugged onto the existing Profibus cable.


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