Gateway serves as bridge to a future-proof, state-of-the-art process landscape

At a paints and coatings manufacturer, our pnGate PA ensures a continuous, fast and secure flow of data.

To enable greater flexibility at the control layer while reducing the large number of proprietary communication protocols, the company used pnGate PA (process automation) in a first step to migrate the existing PROFIBUS DP (decentralized periphery) network to PROFINET. The aim was to gain initial experience, to realize far higher transfer speeds and obtain a simplified set of options for parameterization - such as for condition monitoring, for example.

When migrating the first plant the existing fieldbuses could be adopted. In this first stage, the Softing team installed two PA lines, each with six devices. The number has been successively increased since then to 30 PA devices on one gateway. Upcoming plans for expansion will see a substantial uptick in this figure.The resulting system architecture is now unified and the number of subscribers can be increased at any time as required. This not only ensures a consistent flow of data but also improves transfer speeds. Thanks to the PROFIBUS PA segment integration and the move from PROFIBUS DP to PROFINET, the plant operator now also enjoys greater operational reliability, which in turn translates into positive effects on costs.

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