New dataFEED OPC Suite Extended Update Adds XML Data Integration

Version 5.25, the latest software update to dataFEED OPC Suite Extended from Softing, now enables access to process data via Extensible Markup Language (XML) files. XML, a text-based file format that utilizes a markup language, is readable by both machines and humans, improving usability, simplicity and universality across the Internet. XML files are often used to communicate between databases, applications and other computer systems. 

Here’s what you can expect with the new update:

Fast, Easy Data Integration

This latest software version enables even greater data connectivity. For example, with the new File Read function, the software can access brownfield PLCs, devices and machines that deliver data via XML files. This new capability supports the fast, secure integration of XML file process values into production control applications, such as manufacturing execution systems (MES), via standard OPC Classic or OPC UA interfaces. Production data can also be integrated into IIoT cloud solutions via MQTT or REST protocols. There is even an option to log data for use in documentation, analysis or verification processes within a separate database.

About dataFEED OPC Suite

The dataFEED OPC Suite acts as a gateway between the two OPC Classic and OPC UA standards so that existing OPC Classic components and applications can be integrated into modern OPC UA solutions. This software suite supports access to controllers from leading manufacturers, such as Siemens SIMATIC S7, Rockwell ControlLogix, B&R, Mitsubishi and other Modbus controllers.

You can use the dataFEED OPC Suite to transfer production data to IIoT Cloud or Big Data applications via MQTT and REST protocols. The suite also supports production data storage within a file, SQL database and MongoDB or CouchDB. In addition, customizing data is easy, thanks to an extensive data pre-processing function. And, with the OPC UA Reverse Connect function, you can ensure secure communication between OPC UA components that are separated by firewalls or demilitarized zones.

Try dataFEED With Zero Commitment

Curious to experience dataFEED OPC Suite? Download the free trial on our product page. Simply log in with your account information to gain access to a 72-hour runtime demo of this software suite. And, to make things even easier, only a simple license upgrade is required to access the full version — no additional downloading necessary.

Download the free trial and find more information on our product page.


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