OPC Book: From OPC Data Access to OPC Unified Architecture

The latest edition of the OPC Book provides an excellent overview of the fundamentals, implementation and application of standardized data exchange via OPC. A key focus is on the new OPC generation – OPC Unified Architecture – that allows for platform-independent data and information exchange.

  • Comprehensive Overview of OPC
  • Detailed Introduction to OPC UA
  • Tools and Demo Programs

Comprehensive Overview of Specifications and applications

The OPC Book provides an introduction to all OPC Specifications released by the OPC Foundation, from the very first to the most recent. OPC stands for Openness, Productivity and Collaboration, symbolizing the new possibilities opening up in automation technology. In addition to the fundamentals of OPC, the book discusses the implementation of OPC servers and clients, and presents application possibilities and examples. This gives readers a comprehensive overview of OPC technology and application areas.

The New OPC Generation – OPC Unified Architecture

A key focus of the book is on the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA). The new OPC generation allows service oriented, multivendor, and cross-platform capable data and information exchange. Among the most important subjects here are the specifications of this Windows-independent technology, the OPC UA application possibilities, the development of OPC UA products for Windows, Linux and VxWorks operating systems, and the migration from OPC Classic to OPC UA. The book provides a solid foundation of knowledge for readers to build and use products supporting OPC UA in automation.

Tools and Demo Programs on CD-ROM

The included CD-ROM contains demo versions of a variety of OPC servers and OPC tools. It also provides several demonstration programs for development, commissioning, testing, and for the simulation of OPC clients and servers. Another major part of the CD-ROM is dedicated to OPC UA introductory videos and presentations. The comprehensive content makes it easy for readers to get started with OPC Classic and OPC UA.


  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals - Classic OPC Specifications, OPC Unified Architecture, Companion Standards, OPC Compliance Testing
  • Implementation - Base Technologies and Architecture Concepts, Implementation of Classic OPC Components, Implementation of OPC UA Components
  • Application - Classic OPC Product and Application Samples, Aspects of Use of Classic OPC Products, OPC UA Product, Samples, Performance
  • Summary and Outlook

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