dataFEED OPC Server Siemens

Easy High Performance Data Access to Siemens PLCs Including Optimized Data Blocks

dataFEED OPC Server Siemens is a dataFEED OPC Suite component and bundles the functionalities for fast and convenient access to process and diagnostic data in Siemens SIMATIC S7 and Siemens-compatible controllers. Use symbolic addressing to access optimized data blocks in S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs and configure the OPC address space by simply browsing the controllers.

As an OPC Classic Server (or optional OPC UA Server) dataFEED OPC Server Siemens enables the integration of Siemens SIMATIC controllers into modern Industrie 4.0 solutions. Optionally, production data can be transferred via the MQTT or REST protocols to IoT Cloud or Big Data applications on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Bosch PPM and Siemens MindSphere platforms.


Convenient Data Integration

  • Read and write access to process and diagnostic data of Siemens and Siemens-compatible PLCs
  • Support of optimized data blocks in Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 controllers
  • Quick and easy integration in OPC Client applications
  • No changes to control program required

Easy and Fast OPC Server Configuration

  • Namespace configuration by browsing of Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 namespace
  • Easy-to-use graphical configuration interface
  • Intelligent wizard for configuration in just 3 steps
  • Import of symbolic names from Siemens TIA Portal and STEP 7 projects

Chance for Integration in Overall Applications

  • Optional integration of non-OPC UA-ready components like Siemens S5 controllers in OPC UA applications and “Industrie 4.0“ solutions
  • Optional integration of process data in IoT Cloud applications
  • Optional evaluation and storage of process data in NoSQL Big Data solutions

*Industrie 4.0 ist eine Initiative zur Realisierung einer industriellen Ausprägung des „Internet of Things"

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
Software dataFEED OPC Suite download from Softing homepage
License key By e-mail or on USB dongle
Documentation Manual on CD-ROM, online help in English and German
Order Numbers
LRL-DY-132101 dataFEED OPC Server Siemens license for dataFEED OPC Suite, Version 5.x or earlier and higher, for communication with Siemens and Siemens-compatible PLCs, includes dataFEED OPC Organizer Classic functionality
LRL-DY-134201 dataFEED OPC Organizer UA license for dataFEED OPC Suite, Version 5.x or earlier and higher, suitable for access by any number of OPC UA Clients and for access to 1 OPC UA Server, includes dataFEED OPC Organizer Classic functionality
HUA-DD-130001 USB Hardware Key for dataFEED OPC Suite, Version V4.01 and higher, replacing the standard Software Key
Additional Products and Services  
LRL-DY-135001 dataFEED OPC Suite Extended license
LRL-DY-135101 dataFEED OPC UA Tunnel license
LRL-DY-132301 dataFEED OPC Server Rockwell license
LRL-DY-132401 dataFEED OPC Server Modbus license
LRL-DY-132601 dataFEED OPC Server Mitsubishi license
LRL-DY-132901 dataFEED OPC Server B&R license
LRL-DY-134301 dataFEED OPC Data Handler license
LRL-DY-134401 dataFEED OPC Server Extension License 50
TSA-DY-140001 Training “Industrial Communication for Industrie 4.0“
GPA-CS-041000 NETLink S7-Compact

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