Analyzer PRO

Software for Mobile Diagnostics and Acceptance Testing of Industrial Networks

Analyzer PRO is a comprehensive software solution with a network tap for acceptance testing and efficient troubleshooting of Ethernet-based industrial communication. In a PROFINET environment, the mobile diagnostic tool generates standardized acceptance reports in accordance with the recommendations of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) and provides the basis for long-term trouble-free operation. The easy-to-use product is tailored to the needs of plant suppliers and maintenance personnel as well as service providers.


Comprehensive Functionality

  • Diagnostics list, error statistics, network statistics
  • Enhanced flexibility by supporting online as well as offline mode
  • Generation, analysis and handling of diagnostic data such as graphical topology, inventory list and reference measurements, also for standard Ethernet components (eg PCs, camera systems)

Automated Generation of Acceptance Test Documents

  • Time saving by automatically created test reports
  • Flexible definition of acceptance criteria
  • Transparent reporting by following PI guidelines

Tool Addressing Complete Plant Lifecycle

  • Data on network configuration, network communication and diagnostic messages
  • Error identification for effective troubleshooting (e.g. based on inventory list of network devices)
  • Chance to support exchange of general project information between end users, EPC contractors, system integrators and maintenance service providers
  • Seamless integration with Softing diagnostics permanent monitoring solutions TH SCOPE and TH LINK

Telegram analysis and measuring important parameters

  • Measurement of the Jitter, refresh interval and load ratio
  • Including network tap to carry out the analysis

Order Information

Scope of Delivery 
SoftwareAnalyzer PRO (Download from Softing website
LicenseHardware key
HardwareEthernet TAP for measuring jitter, load ratio and device update interval
DocumentationInstallation manual, user manual, release note
Order Numbers 
KPL-JY-003043Analyzer PRO (hardware key)
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