aplSwitch Field

16 port Ethernet-APL Field Switch for Use in Zone 2

aplSwitch Field allows the transparent connection of intrinsically safe "2-WISE" Ethernet-APL field devices to higher-level Industrial Ethernet networks and supply the field devices with intrinsically safe power. The aplSwitch Field can be installed in Zone 2 and integrates smoothly into existing industrial automation systems.


Ethernet APL for seamless and reliable integration into DCS and AMS systems

  • 16 Ethernet APL spur "2-WISE" ports
  • PROFINET enabled switch with support for PROFINET MRP ring topology
  • Supports all major DCS and AMS systems like Emerson, Siemens, ABB and others
  • Ensures stable networks via ingress/egress support

Extensive diagnostics

  • Integrated PROFINET diagnostic functions for easy commission, maintaining and trouble shooting
  • Local display for instant commissioning diagnostics
  • Enhanced FDI support for easy device integration and parametrization

Allows installation in hazardous areas

  • All product variants can be installed in Ex zone 2
  • Field Devices located in Ex zone 0 and 1 can be connected to the switch
  • Ruggedized and robust housing for field installation IP30

PowerClass A and B support for APL Field devices

  • Allows usage of more complex/power intensive field devices
  • APL power class B supports up to 1,17 W per device on 4 ports
  • Futureproof since no limitation to power class A with 0,54 W

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Hardware aplSwitch Field
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GSA-XX-020101 aplSwitch Field
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