FBK-2 Evaluation Kit

Easy and Rapid Implementation of a Foundation™ Fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA Prototype

The FBK-2 Evaluation Kit includes the required hardware and software for generating a Foundation Fieldbus (FF) H1 respectively a PROFIBUS PA (PA) communication interface for HART transmitters. It is designed for ease-of-use and requires no programming. Despite restricted communication capabilities, the resulting prototype qualifies for further evaluations.


Easy and Rapid Prototyping of Fieldbus Interface

  • Turning any HART transmitter into an FF H1 or PA field device prototype
  • Mapping a limited set of HART Universal Commands including process value to appropriate fieldbus block parameters
  • Fast and easy integration of existing HART transmitter into fieldbus network for evaluation purposes
  • Implementation through configuration only, without requiring any programming
  • Applicable for proof-of-concept of the created FF and PA communication capabilities and as platform for gathering required experience regarding full fieldbus implementation

Ideal Basis for Full Fieldbus Implementation

  • Based on hardware and software of Softing’s FBK-2 product
  • Ideal platform for developing fully functional FF and PA communication interface for field device
  • Only minor steps required to develop complete field device after completion of evaluation

Direct Usage in Applications Without Specific Preventive Measures

  • Elimination of direct contact and protection against electrostatic discharge by plastic housing
  • Possible use of interface prototype directly within fieldbus laboratory network

Applicable for Fieldbus Network Simulation

  • Simulation of process values (ramp, saw tooth)
  • Simulation of Control in the Field applications (FBK-2 Evaluation Kit FF only)

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
Hardware FBK-2 in plastic housing
Software Firmware , Device Description files resp. GSD files on CD-ROM
Documentation Manual on CD-ROM
Order Numbers  
EVA-MK-020210 FBK-2 Evaluation Kit FF
EVA-ML-020211 FBK-2 Evaluation Kit PA

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