Softing's OPC UA C++ Software Development Kit offers advanced features

Softing's OPC UA C++ SDK has been extensively updated to support Reverse Connect and access to a Global Discovery Server.

Version 5.70 of OPC UA C++ SDK now supports Reverse Connect and GDS access (Source: Softing Industrial)

With the new version 5.70, Softing has further enhanced the functionalities and ease of use of its OPC UA C++ Software Development Kit (SDK). With the help of Reverse Connect, users can now easily establish a secure OPC UA connection with OPC UA clients across the firewall using their product's OPC UA server without opening internal binding ports. Use cases for Reverse Connect include company-wide, cross-domain connectivity, Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 applications, and secure field-to-cloud OPC UA data connections.

In addition, the OPC UA C++ SDK now allows access to a Global Discovery Server (GDS). Two models are supported: "Push" - where the request for a particular transaction is initiated by the server - and "Pull" - where the request to transfer information originates from the client. The OPC UA GDS concept allows the configuration of a network-wide detection of OPC UA servers. Furthermore, it offers the functionality for a central management of the certificates used in OPC UA.

The OPC UA C++ SDK is available for Windows, Linux, and VxWorks. It offers developers, system integrators, and device and control manufacturers an easy and fast way to integrate OPC UA into their automation and Industry 4.0 applications. A comprehensive collection of libraries with a concise, clearly documented programming interface as well as corresponding sample applications, and test and simulation tools are included in the software package and enable a fast time to market. All SDKs have the OPC UA Testlab certification. Users can therefore be sure that they are choosing the safest and fastest way to compliant, robust, and high performing OPC UA products. A demo version with full functionality and a limited runtime as well as detailed release notes and technical data sheets are available for download here.


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