Softing offers replacement for Yamaha’s discontinued FIND1+ chip

The recent announcement of Yamaha to discontinue its fieldbus ASIC FIND1+ will have an impact on many device vendors relying on the availability of this chip. Since 2007, Softing has been offering a viable alternative.

Softing's UFC100-L1 (Unified Fieldbus Controller) is a fully pin-compatible alternative to the discontinued fieldbus ASIC Find1+ (YTZ420-VZ) from Yamaha. Conformance, interoperability, and physical layer tests were performed to verify that the UFC100-L1 is a direct replacement for the YTZ420 ASIC. Softing's UFC100-L1 demonstrates additional advantages including, improved jitter tolerance/robustness, lower power consumption, and a larger first-in/first-out (FIFO) memory – resulting in fewer interruptions to the field device processor.

Softing is committed to ensure the long-term availability of the fieldbus ASIC. The UFC100-L1 is manufactured and marketed using a state-of-the-art quality management system complying with ISO 9001:2008, and is DNV certified to assure strict product quality standards.

Device vendors that are using Softing's Field Device Stack for FoundationTM fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA can switch to the UFC100-L1 with only minimal development effort. Softing can offer customization support for device vendors that are using a different protocol stack.

For device vendors that are considering a complete hardware redesign after Yamaha's announcement, Softing’s Fieldbus Kit FBK-2 is a comprehensive alternative. The FBK-2 is a field-proven communications board with a fully certified fieldbus protocol software that is in use in thousands of field devices around the world. Retrofitting of existing field devices is easily accomplished with the on-board HART and serial Modbus/RTU interface. The FBK-2 includes standard function blocks and can be used in bus-powered and 4 wire devices.

On request, Softing’s development team is ready to offer support for software customization when switching to the UFC100-L1 or for hardware redesign projects utilizing the FBK-2.


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