Bilfinger / Interessengemeinschaft Regelwerke Technik

Process industry test plant, demonstrating readiness and capabilities of Namur Open Architecture (NOA)




  • Interessengemeinschaft Regelwerke Technik (IGR) e.V. with 30+ member companies wanted to demonstrate readiness and capabilities of Namur Open Architecture (NOA)
  • Bilfinger is an international industrial service provider with 30,000+ employees and more than 20 years of experience in the process industry

Business need

  • Advance digitalization in process industry
  • Make real-time production data available for monitoring, optimization and other IoT applications
  • Build test plant with commercially available products
  • Keep the plant flexible, so that it can be used to test different scenarios

Technical Requirements

  • Connect via Bluetooth to the smartphones/tablets
  • Support communication protocols like HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus
  • Suitable for non-Ex, Ex zone 2 and Ex zone 1 areas
  • Stable communication between the field device and the tablet


  • Bilfinger built a NOA test and demonstration plant for IGR
  • Test plant integrates products and components from a large number of vendors including dataFEED OPC Suite and Secure Integration Server from Softing Industrial
  • Test plant sends the data to cloud based applications
  • Softing’s dataFEED OPC Suite integrates data from PLCs
  • Softing’s Secure Integration Server aggregates data from dataFEED OPC Suite and other data sources


  • Softing products comply with architecture requirements as defined by NOA
  • Easy deployment, easy reconfiguration
  • Test plant demonstrates production readiness of NOA
  • Real production data can be used to test and optimize software applications

Softing Inc.