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  1. CAN / CANopen
  2. EtherCAT
  3. Ethernet POWERLINK
  4. EtherNet/IP
  5. FOUNDATION Fieldbus
  6. HART
  7. Industrial Ethernet
  8. Modbus TCP
  9. OPC UA

Products Category

  1. Embedded Modules
  2. Gateways for multi-protocol process control
  3. Gateways for network access parallel to the controller
  4. Network Management Tools
  5. Network Tester and Analyzer
  6. PC Interface Cards
  7. Protocol Software and SDKs
  8. USB and Bluetooth Modems


  1. PROFI104
  2. CAN-AC PC/104
  3. CAN-OEM-104
  4. PBpro PC/104plus
  5. CANpro PC/104plus
  6. PBpro PCI
  8. PBpro PCI Express
  9. CANpro PCI Express
  10. FBK2 – Universal Communication Module for integrating FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA
  11. FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 Server (Device) Portable Protocol Stack
  12. PROFIBUS Master for Altera FPGA
  13. Modbus TCP Server for Altera FPGA
  14. EtherNet/IP Adapter for Altera FPGA
  15. EtherCAT Slave for Altera FPGA
  16. PROFIBUS PA Tester (Good / Bad Assessment also for Ex-Area)
  17. CANpro USB - CAN Single Channel USB Interface Card
  18. CANpro USB embedded - CAN Single Channel without Housing USB Interface Card
  19. Universal Fieldbus ASIC for PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1
  20. Industrial Ethernet Tester (Cable Test, Telegram Recording and Bandwidth Examination)
  21. PROFINET Device (Slave) for Altera FPGA
  22. FOUNDATION fieldbus Mobile Host for Handheld Tools
  23. License Model Softing Protocol IP
  24. PBpro Compact PCI
  25. Communication Module for Implementation of PROFINET Controller Systems
  26. TH LINK PROFIBUS - PROFIBUS Diagnostics Independent from Controller and Control Room
  27. TH SCOPE - Management and Diagnostics of PROFIBUS Networks
  28. TH LINK PROFINET - PROFINET Diagnostics Independent from Controller and Control Room
  29. PBpro ETH - one- and multichannel Remote Interfaces
  30. TH LINK Industrial Ethernet - Industrial Ethernet Network Diagnostics Independent from Controller and Control Room
  31. TH LINK PC Industrial Ethernet - Controller-Independent Diagnostics for Ethernet-Based Industrial Networks
  32. SPI 3 - Serial PROFIBUS interface
  33. TACC
  34. DTM Library
  35. PACTware
  36. PROFIBUS Tester 5 (Testing of Bus Communication, Physics and Cabling)
  37. epGate PN - EtherNet/IP to PROFINET Gateway with Controller Functionality
  38. PROFIBUS DP Slave for Altera FPGA
  39. NetXpert 1400 IE – Cable Qualifier for Copper
  40. Communication Configurator FF
  41. PBpro USB - Universal PROFIBUS Interface with USB High Speed Port
  42. pnGate PA - PROFINET to PROFIBUS PA Gateway
  43. dataCHECK Analyzer IE - Software Product Bundle for Mobile Industrial Ethernet Diagnostics
  44. WireXpert Industrial Ethernet - Cable Certifier
  45. FG-200 HSE/FF Modbus - FOUNDATION Fieldbus FG-200 HSE/FF Modbus for Control
  46. commModule MBP – Fieldbus Communication Module for Process Automation Devices
  47. Fieldbus
  48. OPC
  49. uaToolkit Embedded
  50. commKit – Fast and easy implementation of FOUNDATION fieldbus into HART field devices
  51. pnGate PB - PROFINET to PROFIBUS DP/PA Gateway
  52. mbGate PA - MODBUS to PROFIBUS PA Gateway
  53. mobiLink - Mobile & USB Multiprotocol Interface for Commissioning and Maintenance of Field Devices
  54. mbGate PB - MODBUS to PROFIBUS Gateway
  55. mbGate DP - MODBUS to PROFIBUS DP Gateway
  56. PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite
  57. dataCHECK Analyzer PRO - Software Product Bundle for Mobile Industrial Ethernet Diagnostics
  58. FBK-2 Evaluation Kit
  59. pnGate DP - PROFINET to PROFIBUS DP Gateway
  60. DevCom
  61. epGate DP - Ethernet/IP to PROFIBUS DP Master Gateway
  62. epGate PB - Ethernet/IP to PROFIBUS DP/PA Master Gateway
  63. epGate PA - Ethernet/IP to PROFIBUS PA Master Gateway
  64. NetXpert XG - Industrial Ethernet Qualifier with Network Diagnostic Tool

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