Our Mission

Softing connects disparate automation components to feed data from the shop floor to the cloud for control and analytics. Softing monitors and diagnoses network health to ensure the flow of data between your connected components. Softing delivers data connectivity solutions and network health solutions for industrial automation so you can optimize your plant.

Softing dataFLOW enables the digital flow of data on the shop floor to PLCs. Gateways, software, and mobile tools facilitate integrated communication. Embedded solutions provide field devices with fieldbus and industrial Ethernet connectivity.

Softing dataFEED bridges the gap between operational technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT), offering easy integration of production data into Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and enterprise business systems, on premise or in the cloud.

Softing dataCHECK monitors and diagnoses industrial network health to ensure reliable data exchange because network outages cause plant and facility downtime.

With Softing, get connected and stay connected to optimize your facility.



Softing Inc.


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